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Monday, April 15, 2013

False Flag Operation In Boston?

Does anyone else smell a rat with these Boston Marathon explosions?  Can anyone else think of any reason why this event, of all others in the last several months that were much more high profile and more heavily attended than this one, would suddenly be targeted?  Also, why has no one claimed responsibility?  In almost all real (i.e., non-government-staged) “terrist” attacks of the past, someone or some movement/organization would quickly claim responsibility, mostly as a means of drawing attention to their cause.

Do I have any proof of this being an “inside job?”  Of course not.  However, methinks that The Powers That Be™ are growing increasingly frustrated at all the resistance they’re facing to their latest civilian disarmament moves and are desperate to create a pretext to escalate the police state implementation plan up to the next level.   Apparently the “slow boiling of the frogs” isn’t happening fast enough.

Watch the MSM for new developments in which the ”facts on the ground” change dramatically from what has been originally reported.  Look out too for the “memory hole” in action, in which stories such as the one linked in the first paragraph mysteriously “disappear” from MSM news sites as new disinformation streams are created.  Above all, I anxiously await further commentary from the blogosphere, both by those in Boston who were  either at or near the scene or who might have some intimate first-hand knowledge of actual events or by those who are experienced analysts of past similar events.

As others have no doubt already noted elsewhere, lies, spin, and obstruction will soon be the order of the day by those in government.

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