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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Has Fred Reed Been the Victim of Malicious Government Medical Malpractice?

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and for the few who still follow this blog, for this I apologize.  The last half of this year has not been kind to me.  In addition to added pressure from work due to increased commitments, my family situation has deteriorated seriously and has occupied a great deal of my time and attention.  Finally, so much of what concerns me and fellow liberty lovers has been better and more effectively chronicled and commented upon elsewhere that supplemental input from me would have been superfluous.  In other words, I haven’t really had anything to add to what is already being said across the blogosphere that would merit a full editorial.  However, I’ve just read Fred Reed’s latest contribution to his own website and I find myself greatly disturbed by his ongoing battle with the United States government over a medical malpractice suit.

Without rehashing the full story, Fred (who most of my readers will agree is one of the greatest libertarian folk journalists in modern America) has been battling degenerative eye disease for several years, something precipitated by injuries sustained decades ago during his years as a Marine in the Vietnam misadventure.  Although seemingly on the road to recovery, his condition was made worse two years ago by the incompetence of a government medical bureau-rat. 

Having read Fred’s legal statement, I find myself dumbstruck.  Having myself spent a misguided career as a seagoing mercenary for the Amerikan Empire, I am all too familiar with the abysmal standards that are military “health care.”  However, I have a hard time swallowing the idea that even a standards and accountability-free organization like the U.S. military would knowingly retain a “doctor” with the abysmal skills of Philip Stanley, the co-defendant in Fred’s malpractice suit.  This is not to suggest that Fred is lying or exaggerating his claim.  Far from it.  Rather, it seems that perhaps Dr. Stanley may have decided to –or, dare I suggest, may have been ordered to—“relax” his standards of care when attending to Fred’s case.

Now, you are probably saying or thinking at this point, “Liberranter, that’s a damned serious accusation you’re making here, not to mention one that borders on ‘nutty conspiracy theorist.’”

Yes, it is, and I mean every word of it.  But why?

Well, those of us who have been Fred’s loyal readers for years or even decades (going all the way back to when he was a correspondent for the Armed Forces Times) know that he has not been a “team player” where loyalty to the Established Order is concerned.  In fact, this is one major reason why he quit working the military beat over twenty years ago.  He simply couldn’t abide the idea of being a compliant scribe for the State and its imperial crimes, but that was what he was expected to be as a reporter covering the military.  If I recall correctly, the final straw for him was Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, the first “war” in which “embedded journalism” was practiced.  Fred quickly saw this for what it was, an attempt to muzzle and control press coverage of the war, and he refused to stand for it.  Since that time he has mostly freelanced, but has still remained a thorn in the Establishment’s side.  No doubt the fact that he has been an expatriate in Mexico for the last seven or eight years, from where he has regularly (and justifiably) lambasted what used to be the United States of America has not been taken kindly by the drivers of the Established Order either.  For these reasons it would not surprise me in the least to learn that someone within the Reichssicherheitsdienst is determined to destroy him.  And what better way to do so in this day of the emerging multidimensional Polizeistaat than to use the convenience of government “medical care” as the weapon?  If nothing else, this will serve as a “dry run” for what might become routine in this rapidly disintegrating, increasingly dystopian tyranny in which we now find ourselves trapped.

I don’t know why Fred chose to allow an arm of the State that he so clearly distrusts to provide him with medical care (the late, great Joe Bageant did the same thing, for equally mysterious reasons, while suffering from an equally suspicious [in my opinion] onset of cancer).  Perhaps he felt that they owed him as much, given that his condition was directly connected to injuries received while a(n involuntary?) armed thrall of said State.  If that’s the case, I can see where he’s coming from, although I’m not sure I’d have taken the risk.  After all, the Veterans Administration has a long, well documented, and hideous history of providing substandard care to veterans, a practice so flagrant and so consistent in its application across generations of veterans that one cannot help but consider it to be deliberate policy. 

Regardless, I haven’t written to Fred to ask him for an explanation and don’t believe that it’s my right to do so or to question his motives.  I’m simply concerned, as a loyal reader, for his future health and safety and hope and pray that he recovers at least part of his vision. 

So, Fred, I hope, pray, and wish you the best of luck in your lawsuit against Leviathan.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that it’s going to be an uphill battle, should you prevail at all.  Because the bastards behind this would love to see you silenced, I ask that, most of all, you keep your hopes, spirit, and courage up and know that your readers are supporting you every step of the way! 

Good luck and God speed!

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