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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Not A Chance

Lew Rockwell today on the LRC Blog cites a CNN online segment reporting that the Rethuglican party, in addition to Sick Rantorum and Jeb “Little Tard” Bush, has chosen Rand Paul to be a speaker at Neoconfest 2012, a.k.a. the Republican National Convention.  Lew also calls out the statement in the article that Rand Paul “will likely inherit his father's political machine that is comprised of an eclectic group of anti-government, young, libertarian minded activists."

The fuck he will.

First of all, Ron Paul does not have “a political machine.”  Granted, it is a given that CNN and the statist robots that it employs cannot conceive of a grass roots movement as such, especially one that is based on immutable principles rather than the lust for power for its own sake.  But even the stupidest among them clearly recognizes that the Ron Paul movement consists of ideas, not the man himself and that it has none of the hallmarks of what these creatures damned well recognize as a “machine.”

Second, any “news” organization that would describe the Ron Paul movement as “an eclectic group of anti-government, young, libertarian minded activists also cannot avoid concluding that a self-centered, shallow opportunist like Rand Paul, a man who would stab his own father in the back in a very public way, is the last person on earth that his father’s followers would see wearing Ron’s mantle. 

It speaks volumes about either CNN’s utter cluelessness, their contempt for the liberty movement, or both that they would even think of making such an idiotic statement.   I cannot imagine any conscientious follower of Ron Paul, no matter how out of their right state of mind, even considering Rand Paul as being fit to fill any other role than as poster boy for the faux “Beltway libertarian” movement, a prime example of all that is sick, corrupt, and rotten about Washington and the establishment that it represents.

Rand Paul is already a pariah among his father’s followers and will remain so unless he does a 180-degree turnabout and atones for his sins.  Quite frankly, however, I doubt he has the credibility to convince anyone that such a move is sincere.  Once one establishes one’s reputation as a career politician, an amoral opportunist, it becomes difficult shed that reputation.  Rand did so early and eagerly in his pandering to the Romneycon camp, evidence of which emerged while he was still campaigning for his Senate seat.  That he has hitched himself to the Establishment’s coattails effectively severs any connection to his father’s base.

No one knows who, if anyone, will “inherit” Ron Paul’s “mantle” after he retires from public life.  One hopes that his ideas will have caught hold of a sufficient number of people that a new figurehead isn’t needed.  Regardless, the compromised weasel Rand won’t be that figurehead under any circumstances.  For his own sake, let’s hope he’s smart enough to realize that.