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Friday, February 17, 2012

It’s Over For Ron Paul, Folks – But You’ve Always Known That

So Ron Paul was the victim of election rigging in the Maine Republican caucuses last week. Well, color me heart attack shocked. I mean really, who’d’a ever thunk that the state-corporatarians of the GOP hierarchy would rig elections to keep the only principled non-criminal among their ranks from spoiling the party by rising to the top of the contender heap? Seriously, how anyone could even think of such a thing happening is just beyond the boundaries of the wildest imagination.

Now that I’ve gotten the sarcasm out of my system, let me repeat my call for serious libertarians out there to grow the fuck up and get real. For those of you who really expected something like this not to happen, who thought that the cesspool known as Republican party politics would magically and instantly transmogrify from the amoral and corrupt septic tank that it has always been into an honest, pristine, democratic process representative of the American people’s wishes simply because a principled statesman like Ron Paul is a candidate for office, I have a deal for you. Let me once again extend to you my offer of prime beachfront property in Cheyenne, Wyoming at an incredibly low price, for a limited time only. Such a deal comes but once in a lifetime!

I thought I was associating with actual adults when I read from, contributed to, and entered into exchanges of serious ideas with outwardly mature libertarians. Dipshit me! Apparently I’m more easily bamboozled than I thought. Somehow I harbored the mistaken notion that rational, critically thinking adults would have at least a tenuous grasp of how politics in Amerika really works, given that they’ve had only more than a hundred years worth of examples to learn from. Evidently libertarians don’t learn from history any more than the rest of the Amoricon sheeple do.

Or maybe wishful thinking has captured the libertarian majority. Maybe a form mental de-compartmentalization has taken place, something not unlike what happens to chronically abused children who create a fantasy world into which they retreat when the abuses they suffer at the hands of the world around them becomes too much to bear. I actually believe that this is the case with much of the libertarian punditry. I read an endless series of breathless pronouncements of how more and more ordinary people are rediscovering the concepts of liberty, the free market, and self-ownership; that people are renouncing the State and everything it stands for in greater and greater numbers with each passing day. “We are winning!” sounds the rallying cry.

Apparently these people don’t spend much time associating with people other than their fellow libertarians. If they did, they’d realize that we are still very, very much a minority, that the ideals upon which America (not today’s “k for c” ancestor) was founded, the principles of personal and economic liberty, self-ownership, and the renunciation of violence against others are as alien to today’s majority as the principles of the Christian Gospel were to the pagans of the far corners of the world when they were first introduced to them. Today’s Amoricons, and those who “represent” them, want none of those founding principles in Amerikan public life and are determined to stamp them out at any cost. The vast majority of today’s Amoricons, after all, were indoctrinated for twelve-plus years either in one of the State’s dismal public prisons masquerading as institutions of learning, or in “private” schools that received funding from or followed the curricular lead of said statist institutions. Successful beyond their founders’ wildest dreams, these institutions have ensured that the last ten generations of Amoricons have been so thoroughly brainwashed into conformity, so thoroughly denuded of the ability to think critically, and so completely conditioned to swallow as the Word of God the philosophy of the Almighty Corporate Collectivist State that they see the principles of liberty and natural law as something out of another universe.

Given the above, along with the glaringly obvious state of our societal decay in all aspects, can any conscious person seriously believe that Ron Paul and the principles for which he stands will gain serious traction among anything remotely resembling a majority? Can anyone believe that the institutions representing the majority and manifesting the current state of decay will stand for the medicine Ron Paul will administer?

To even ask these questions is to answer them.

But let us indulge in a moment of fantasy and assume that Dr. Paul actually does, through some miraculous turn of fate, get the nomination and then wins the presidential election. What then?

Once in the Awful Orifice, he will discover that he is the lone, lightly armed David standing up against an insurmountable Goliath of heavily armed state-corporate resistance to everything he stands for. As Doug Casey points out so concisely, Ron will spend all of his time fighting for his political survival. Without any substantive support in Congress, he will get nothing done. In fact, the rest of the Establishment will probably waste no time facilitating his impeachment and removal from office on trumped up charges. This assumes that the shadowy Praetorian powers that are the enforcement muscle of the Establishment don’t remove him first by more drastic and unpleasant means. Unless the Amoricon sheeple elect several hundred Ron Paul clones to Congress, he will be isolated and rendered ineffective. I won’t insult my readers’ intelligence by commenting on the odds of even one person like Ron being elected to Crapitol Hill, let alone large numbers of them.

So in the end, it is obvious that electoral politics is not the answer to the question of how to restore freedom to this nation. To paraphrase the late, great Murray Rothbard, how can we who believe that the state is the most pernicious, murderous, and illegitimate institution ever devised by man co-opt the criminal and immoral methods of that institution to advance the cause of liberty? We would simply be defeating ourselves.

I certainly would not be so arrogant as to pretend to have the answers to the question of how to stop the Amerikan Fascialist State dead in its tracks. If I were forced to make a general recommendation, however, I would utter to words: isolate and educate.

Isolate yourself, through passive resistance, from all actions that advance the agenda and power of the State. Shun agents of the State at every opportunity. Treat them as the parasitic pariahs that they are. Stop relying on agencies of the State for the “services” that they provide. Cooperate voluntarily with neighbors and friends to find alternatives that render the State irrelevant. Establish a barter system with friends, neighbors, and even business people if they’ll agree to it. Trade goods and services through mutual exchange, or use precious metals as currency in lieu of the sham FED dollar. Finally, do NOT vote, under ANY circumstances. The process is a scam and it only lends undeserved legitimacy to the State’s control over you.

Educate yourself in the ideals of liberty. Educate anyone else you know or meet who will listen. Use yourself as an example of how liberty can succeed in bringing about true happiness and fulfillment.

Finally, about Ron Paul: let him return to private life. There he will accomplish far more by accident than he ever has a chance of accomplishing by design as president. In fact, the current electoral shenanigans, the transparent and deliberate attempts to deny him the place of prominence that he so richly deserves, are the best thing that could ever happen. Can you think of anything else that so effectively undermines the system, that exposes the Establishment for the criminal organization that it is? What is happening now is truly a blessing in disguise.

May we continue to be further blessed in the years to come, until true liberty returns to the land without a vote ever being cast.