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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Will Ron Paul Destroy the GOP?

I just have to pitch Tom DiLorenzo's latest article on LRC today in which he responds to a Beltway politocrat columnist's hysterics about Ron Paul "destroying the party of Lincoln." To echo Tom's response, let us hope so (though I'm not holding my breath)!

It Gives Me No Pleasure to Say I Told You So

So Ron Paul came in third in the Iowa Caucuses when all advance indications were that he would come in first. Well, what else is new? Despite optimistic after-the-fact analyses such as this one from Business Insider , all circumstantial evidence (probably soon to be backed by hard evidence) indicates that a desperate, terrified GOP Establishment pulled out all the stops in the eleventh hour to ensure that someone else, anyone else but Ron Paul came out ahead. I mean, Rick Santorum, for crying out loud? When was the last time this clown came out ahead anywhere outside of Pennsylvania, the only place where he has been given the time of day, much less any votes? If that doesn’t set off rodent odor alarms, I don’t know what does. But again, why would this outcome surprise anyone?

Let me repeat what I’ve been saying, ad nauseum, for as long as I can remember: the Reigning Establishment is not going to let Ron Paul win the GOP nomination and is going to do everything in its power (and I do mean everything) to prevent it, the clear wishes of the voting majority be damned. As far as my libertarian readers are concerned, all of you know by now the nature of Amerikan politics. So many of you libertarian pundits have written of the futility of elections, the fact that the entire system is a piece of theater, carefully scripted and corrupt to its very core. That being the case, why would you believe that somehow this hopeless farce would cleanse itself of its impurities simply because an honorable man like Ron Paul is involved in it? To believe this is to believe in fantasy, something I would think is above most thinking libertarians.

Don’t misunderstand; I want to see Ron Paul in the White House as much as any of the rest of you. But I believe that we must look to something other than political solutions to our nation’s problems. For anyone, Ron Paul included, to attempt to work within that corrupt system will only mean being co-opted by it and being rendered ineffective. Even if Ron actually were to win the presidency, he would not survive long enough to make any headway against the tide of corruption and crime (if it were possible to just visit the afterlife, I would recommend that someone ask JFK how far a U.S. president can go in swimming against the Establishment current). It would be business as usual, but with a man of integrity neutered and destroyed.

Our only hope is to simply let the system implode, as the rot from within that is eating away at its foundations guarantees will happen. This might take more time than the next election cycle, but as current events make clear, that day of reckoning is not far off.