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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fireworks Are Banned Throughout Much of the Country, But That’s OK – After All, What Is There To Celebrate?

I’m in Louisville, Kentucky this week visiting relatives and have just returned from a weekend in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee after a family reunion and extended road trip to visit my many relatives (on my mother’s side of the family) in the area.  It is H-O-T here, the kind of southern and eastern “hot” that is miserable because of the high humidity that comes with it.  While I lived with that for many years on the east coast, a half decade in Arizona has “deconditioned” me to that kind of weather, so it’s been pretty miserable.  Speaking of miserable, what is this about people actually wanting to celebrate Fourth of July today?  Am I missing something?

Looking at the events that have transpired over the last year in Amerika’s descent into complete tyranny, I really wonder just how far up their asses the sheeple majority’s heads are.  Highlighted by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and last week’s SCOTUS rubberstamping of Obamacare, 2012 has been a horrendous year for liberty.  The very public shredding of the ideals for which so many early Americans died in the Revolution has rendered any “celebration” an obscenity to the memory of those early patriots.  If anything, today should be, as Eric Peters suggests, a day of national mourning for our lost freedoms.  But, since the sheeple majority wouldn’t recognize freedom if it bit them squarely in their collective asses, that’s not likely to happen.  To brainless droids conditioned by twelve years of government indoctrination, food, firewater, and fireworks trump freedom.

Kentucky and Tennessee have banned private fireworks displays due to the dry weather conditions affecting the entire middle and southern parts of the country (and yet fireworks are still on sale in Tennessee: how’s that for bureaucratic stupidity in action?), so there probably won’t be many pyrotechnics displays here today.  It’s just as well, because unless the goal is to celebrate the slow death of the liberty upon which this nation was founded, fireworks serve no legitimate purpose.

I think I’ll take an extended nap this afternoon, one that lasts till tomorrow morning when the day becomes just another day.


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