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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Should We Read Into This?

Even bearing in mind that most fellow libertarians of my acquaintance have never considered Rand Paul to be a political or philosophical “chip off the old block,” I still wonder what we should make of his recent statement that he would “consider it an honor” to be “President” (heaven forbid!) Mitt Romney’s vice president.

All partisan maneuvering aside, one would think that any principled libertarian –hell, any principled person, regardless of their ideology—would be repelled by the very idea of association with an amoral mole of Romney’s stripe. But again, Rand Paul has never really proved himself to be the committed libertarian that his father is, so perhaps we shouldn’t be taken aback by this act of apparent political self-aggrandizement.

Just as disturbing as Rand Paul’s statement is the allegation in the Faux News link that his daddy is playing “softball” with Romney, as if some sort of deal is being struck behind closed doors. I hope and pray that this is not the case, as it would confirm my worst fears about what might be the real Ron Paul. I have castigated the Congressman once before in this blog for an act of partisan maneuvering in the last round of congressional elections, an act that compromised the principles he wants us to think are unassailable. If he does something along these lines again, I’m going to have to assume that my most cynical assumptions about him have basis in fact. That won’t shatter my worldview. After all, an immutable universal law is that all career politicians are scumbags by definition, no matter how noble their outward personalities, and Ron Paul fits the definition of a career politician, as no doubt will his son should he survive his first term in the Senate. The biggest impact a Paul (daddy and son) compromise will have is on the libertarian base, which has foolishly held Daddy Paul up as some sort of libertarian demi-god. A betrayal by both Pauls of the libertarian cause just might have a catastrophic effect on the libertarian movement. At the very least, it will serve as a bitter lesson in putting one’s faith in politicians.

So, in summary, I don’t think we really know just what Rand Paul’s statement means, nor if his daddy is playing political games behind closed doors in order to somehow gain ground. The test of just how faithful to liberty either Paul is will be to see what results from any compromise with the Romney branch of the Neocon party: liberty, or just another self-serving power grab. Only time will tell.


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