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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

If Ron Paul Wins Iowa Tomorrow…

…it will be due to one of two things. Either Iowa’s Secretary of State will have banned the use of Diebold™ voting machines in the state’s elections, or the Reigning Political Establishment will have decided to be generous and allow a “clean” election under the delusion that Congressman Paul and his followers will wither up and blow away before the general election in November. Since neither of these two scenarios has any realistic chance of playing out, we will just have to think like grownups who live in the real world and assume that Ron has no chance in hell of actually winning tomorrow, despite the early indications that he is well ahead of the other bloodthirsty, warmongering dolts pretending to the imperial throne.

Let me state for the record, as a committed non-voter, that the very idea of Ron Paul winning a primary, let alone the Oval Office, is pure fantasy. Given that most of my fellow libertarians will readily admit in candid conversation that the entire “election” process here in Amerika is a rigged sucker’s game, a piece of theater controlled lock, stock, and barrel by the RPE that I mention above, it simply astounds (and disturbs) me that these same people would assume that Ron has any chance of winning this rigged game. Unless they assume that Ron has merely to wave his hand, putting those who control the ballot boxes into some sort of benevolent trance under which they will guarantee a clean, fair, and honest election (the first in at least 150 years, if not of all time), common sense should dictate that tomorrow’s political farce will result in the same result as every other election in the modern era, that being the reinforcement of the status quo.

Grow up, people!

(Editor’s note: You’ve probably noticed that this is my first entry in over a year. My apologies to those who still care, but between my father’s death back in the summer, followed by resulting family and estate settlement issues, there has been little time for blogging. Also, to be quite honest, there has been little worth writing about of late that hasn’t been better and more quickly covered by other bloggers with more time and resources at their disposal. That said, you’ll hopefully note from my latest contribution that the old bitter cynicism is still very firmly intact. As 2012 appears to be shaping up to be every bit as dismal and disastrous as is being predicted, count on extra helping of this cynicism sporadically throughout the year. Enjoy!)


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