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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Political Masturbation Day

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past several months or have been in a coma, you know what today is. As far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing other than the first Tuesday in November and no big deal at all, a day like any other that came before it and that will come after it. But to a huge number of deluded, gullible morons without meaningful lives and real priorities with which to occupy them, it’s “Election Day.” To these pathetic souls it is a day on which they get to choose a new set of masters, a new gang of thieves to pick their pockets and bank accounts, a new gang of bullies to regulate their lives and force them into doing things that are against their best interests and that deny them the right to live their lives as free, independent, self-sufficient, responsible adults. Or maybe they’ll just “rehire” the existing masters and enforcers who are currently filling that role.

It truly boggles the mind that so-called “adults” would take this sickening charade seriously. P.T. Barnum, George Santayana, and H.L. Mencken were all absolutely right (I’m sure I need not recap the reference points here). If there ever was a living demonstration of the fact that “the public” has no collective long-term memory at all and that it is an organism devoid of independent, critically thinking individuals, “Election Day” is it. To the pathetic, lazy, shiftless, helpless, brainless masses it’s an exercise in “feed me, clothe me, lead me, and protect me. Take away all my cares and worries, and if that means stealing from someone else and taking away any freedoms that I have or that anyone else has, that’s fine with me.” That really is “voting” in its most basic essence.

Having long ago lost faith in humanity’s ability to reason and having long ago been sated by evidence that humans are a stupid lot that function mostly on a sort of auto-pilot, I’ll make the following predictions that have come to pass in every past election and will certainly do so this time as well:

1. There will be much cheering and rejoicing by the GOP (that’s “Gullible Ovine Proles”) once all the nasty, evil Democrats have been tossed out of office. After all, the Republicans are the party of liberty and small government who are going to undo all the nasty, wallet-draining, tax-hiking, job and wealth-killing laws that the Obamacrats have enacted. Right?

2. Within 90 days, after all the White Knight Republicans have ensconced themselves in office, not a word will have been uttered since 11:59 P.M. tonight (Tuesday, November 02, 2010) about following up on all the hot-air promises made during the heat of the pimping, er, campaign season. But the GOP will have long forgotten the election, having refocused their attention on Amoricon Idol, WWE, the Superbowl, Dancing With the Stars, the loss of their shitty, minimum-wage jobs as what little is left of Amerika’s domestic services economy collapses, and other more pressing “distractions.”

3. Sometime before the end of 2011, a series of very nasty legislative measures, carryovers from the days of the Obamacrat Pelosi and Reid Congress, will become law. The net effect will be like a combination of a tsunami, gang rape, and home invasion upon the household wealth of each and every American. Boobus Americanus and the rest of the Amoricon GOP will be caught completely by surprise. “What the f***?! We elected you guys to stop this!” After a brief interlude of loud caterwauling, blustering, threats, and ad hominem attacks on the recently elected (think: Winter of 1995 and “Contract With [on?] America”), all of which will be completely ignored by the new Republican majority (“What’re you gonna do, bring the Democrats back?”), Boobus and the rest of the GOP will crawl back into their caves, bend over, clutch their ankles, open their wallets, grunt a little louder, and go right on living.

4. Fast forward to 2012. The GOP will bifurcate, as it does every two to four years. Half of the body will insist that the Rethuglicans, by now having proved themselves to be nothing but “Obamacrats Lite,” are doing a splendid job, saving us from the threat of a Democratic resurgence to power, despite the fact that within the last two years they’ve done nothing but continue Obamacrat policies that have caused the national economy to all but collapse and the average middle class American household, what few there are left, to be brought further to the brink of destruction. The other half of the GOP will be itching to see the Democrats regain both a legislative and executive majority, they too having forgotten how badly the Obamacrats betrayed their ‘liberal” philosophical base and ignoring the fact that the Rethuglicans have done their master’s bidding in going forward with every single piece of legislation he demanded.

Sure, the particulars will change, but the scenario, the same dismal, ugly, destructive scenario, will be the same. And the entire cycle will have started today.

So if political masturbation, in the form of voting, is your thing, then have at it. I’m staying home. As the late, great George Carlin put it, “at least after I masturbate I have a little something to show for it.”