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Monday, July 19, 2010

For Christ's Sake, People, STOP FLYING!

That's my immediate reaction after reading this on the LRC Blog today. Really, people, until we stop thinking that we HAVE to fly anywhere, the Totally Stupid Assholes will continue to treat us like the human cattle we insist on being treated like by giving the airlines sufficient business to justify this gang of oxygen-wasting thieves-thugs at our nation's aviation bus terminals. It's like the guy who gets beaten up every time he walks into a certain not-so-nice bar in a certain not-so-nice part of town. As long as he insists on returning for repeated helpings of abuse, there is no reason for the abusers to change their behavior.

While the example I just cited is not a perfect analogy, I think it can be said that if enough of us simply refused to partake of air travel for the foreseeable future, the precipitous drop in air travel and the attendant catastrophic effects on the airlines' bottom lines would eventually put an end to the current security theater nonsense and the attendant assaults on our rights and human dignity that it has engendered. After multiple airline bankruptcies, which would hopefully result in nearly empty airports across the nation (and hopefully a few airport closures as well), the justification for spending money on armies of unproductive pseudo-cop goons to protect against non-existent passenger threats would evaporate. Even more beneficial would be the message a boycott on air travel would send to the already non-competitive domestic airlines, a message that would read something like this:

Not only has your service degenerated over the last three decades to absolutely execrable levels, making travel on your airborne bus lines an intolerable experience equivalent to a one-way trip on the Reichsbahn Railways to Auschwitz, but you insist on further degrading us by allowing federal goons to co-opt your own responsibilities for passenger safety by letting them treat us like convicted felons during their bullshit security theater performances, performances that are transparently not only expensive, intrusive, and ridiculously unnecessary, but that also actually PREVENT the exercise of legitimate, common-sense security measures and further ENDANGER us passengers.

So until you do the following two things:

1)Start treating your passengers like human beings , CUSTOMERS who are paying you large amounts of their hard-earned, inflation-eroded money to get them from Point A to Point B and whose business you must EARN, rather than like prisoners or cattle bound for the slaughterhouse, practices that would put you out of business in 24 hours if you were anything other than a federally-subsidized commercial failure,


2)Tell the federally-”employed” special education dropout assclowns who pretend to provide you with security to go fuck themselves and go somewhere else and get real jobs at which they are actually competent (crash test dummies, medical school cadavers, and compost heaps are suitable alternatives that come readily to mind), that YOU will take over responsibility the corporate level for passenger security (ever stop to think that passengers that are afraid to fly your airlines probably won't be passengers again after the first time and that making flying on your airborne bus line a pleasant experience would actually help perk up your saggy bottom line?)

We, the Traveling Public, will drive, hitchhike, swim, walk, craw, run, dogsled, bicycle, or hop steamers or freight trains to get to whatever destination we need to reach, ANY alternative, even under the worst of circumstances, being better than suffering the increasingly hazardous or even fatal indignity of your “services.” While it will take some time, we will stand by and gleefully watch as your profit margins drop to desperate, bankruptcy-inducing levels, to the point where even another “bailout” from your sugar daddy, the bankrupt federal government, will do nothing more than postpone the inevitable, and that not for very long. Simply stated, we think we can hold out for longer than you can.

So shape up, or be shut down!

So, folks, what'll it be? The cattle treatment that we've been putting up with for the last decade, or a wake-up call? Unless the Police State starts forcing us to fly on a regular basis, confiscating money out of our bank accounts just to prop up the collapsing domestic airline industry (and in this bizarro age in which we live, who would put such a thing past the Powers That Be?), is there ANY reason to continue to subsidize our own dehumanization?