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Friday, July 16, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant

Thanks to Tom DiLorenzo (and to Lew Rockwell for linking it from the LRC Blog) for this short, superb YouTube video that reminds us of the tyrannical violence set in motion by America's First Executive Dictator, who reigned from 1860-1865 until a Southern patriot's bullet mercifully removed him from our midst. His ideological descendant who occupies the Federal Imperial Palace today will no doubt try to launch a redux of Uncle Abe's War in the near future, once the national economy collapses and the sheeple finally awaken from their slumber and decide that they've had enough. While it doesn't go into detail, for obvious reasons, and won't change any minds by itself, the video will almost certainly prompt the curious viewer to further educate themselves on the subject (I recommend that they start with Tom's The Real Lincoln and Jeffrey Rogers Hummel's Freeing Slaves and Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War). Let us hope that this video is only the beginning. It's past time someone counteracted the propaganda tripe of Ken Burns' The Civil War.