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Friday, July 09, 2010

A “Thank You” To Will Grigg For Spreading The Word About Arizona

I cannot thank you enough for exposing the unmitigated disaster that is Arizona, a state that ranks down at the bottom with Mississippi and Louisiana on the "hope" index. Sadly, the picture that you paint is actually even grimmer than you describe, for none but a tiny minority in this state (one that I'm proud to be a member of) can even conceive of Arizona being anything other than a combination of saharan nursing home that relies on the bankrupt social security system and a giant open-air subsidiary of the prison-industrial-police-state complex. Even if the political will and wisdom existed to slash the size of the state government and repeal the onerous taxes and regulation that are strangling anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations and to foster economic growth (most of which is in the "underground" economy of goods and services offered by "illegal aliens" the redneckleptoplutocratic ruling classes are targeting) through benign neglect, the state's demographics work against it.

In addition to having a geriatric majority, Arizona, as I've mentioned here and elsewhere, is plagued with a school system that has been ranked third worst in the nation for the last decade, each year turning out thousands of high school "graduates" unable to fill out a simple job application or make proper change for a five-dollar bill (this is NOT an exaggeration - come visit me in Tucson sometime and accompany me to the local convenience store or fast food joint to see for yourself). Also, the percentage of the adult population, particularly in the Phoenix-Tucson corridor and the surrounding counties (including Pinal) that is incapacitated by chronic substance abuse is astronomical compared to other economically-developed parts of the nation. This precludes most from ever becoming part of a pool of skilled, educated, dependable labor that is essential for any genuine economic development or recovery. Thus I believe that it is no accident that state-corporate parasites like Wackenhut Security so eagerly recruit here, given the massive pool of uneducated and otherwise unemployable creatures who have no other options but to starve or go on the rapidly vanishing dole.

It's small wonder, then, that Arizonans have so willingly enthralled themselves to the military-prison-welfare-pseudo-industrial complex that is destroying the socioeconomic fabric of the state and perpetuating the power of bumbling criminal vermin like Sheriffs Joke Arpiggo and Paul Baboon, Governor Jan “Walking Blonde Joke” Brewer, and Senator John McInsane. Needless to say, there are NO viable freedom candidates to oppose these creatures in their quest for eternal power; there simply does not exist a sufficiently educated, liberty-conscious majority to sustain a candidacy for such people. The candidates currently challenging both McCain and Brewer, respectively, are just a repackaging of the same. The cycle will continue.

I won't even get into the Russell Pearce-esque racial issues in this state. Suffice it to say that Pearce is the more moderate expression of the undercurrent of racism that permeates the snowbird-retiree-biker-unemployed cowboy demographic here. It's ugly, and counterproductive too. But that's a lesson (one of many) that will remain lost on the benighted inhabitants of this place.

Finally, while other states will be hard-hit by the coming socioeconomic apocalypse, Arizona is going to be completely devastated by it, probably beyond hope of recovery. But it will be a purely self-inflicted devastation. It cannot be otherwise. Just remember the old saying “you can't fix stupid.” Arizona is “stupid” on steroids, and to the one-hundredth power. To say this pains me to no end, as this is a state of unrivaled natural beauty. But it's one whose inhabitants do not deserve to have such beauty wasted on them.

Again, thank you for your continued coverage of this mess. I just wanted to let you know that there a handful of us here trying to fight the good fight.