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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Polizeistaat Arizona

Will Grigg, with his usual literary brilliance, has just published another article describing the latest stomach-turning events in the metastasis of the Amerikan Polizeistaat. This refers of course to Arizona's enacting into law the state's odious Immigration Reform Bill, a sickening, but absolutely unsurprising development, one fully anticipated by us lonely liberty lovers. Governor Jan Brewer (the separated Siamese twin of former governor and current DHS Head Thug Janet Napolitano, despite their contrived partisan political differences), a typical politician affected with the hubris, ignorance, and ADHD that precludes her from actually reading a bill's contents or taking time out to think about both its short-term and long-term unintended consequences, has a habit of putting pen to paper and signing anything from the legislature that comes across her desk. While such imbecilic indolence benefited us a few weeks ago with the signing of the Concealed Carry Reform Bill, her signing of the current Immigration Bill is going to spell the end of her political career as the political, legal, and economic fallout from this monstrosity spreads like plutonium dust over an already barren landscape.

As I've stated before both here and elsewhere, Arizona is one of the reddest of the Red Fascist states, and nowhere is this fact more evident than in Maricopa (or, as I've come to call it, "Maricona") County, the state's most populous, which is under the iron "law enforcement" thumb of the notorious "America's Toughest Sheriff", whose name I need not mention in polite company, and the "legal" thumb of said sheriff's corrupt, constitution-shredding stooge, state's attorney Andrew Thomas. But the crimes of these two reprobates are of little concern to the geriatric gringo bigots who constitute the politically powerful majority in the county, and to whom the likes of the state's political hacks like John McInsane pander. As far as these people are concerned, "brown people" exist only to mow retired white people's lawns, repair and clean their houses, tend their gardens, and cook their fast food, and they had better damned well remain unseen and unheard while they do so. Brown people are, in the typical "snowbird's" view, tools to be used, not human beings with rights, property, aspirations, and dignity. (By the way, did I mention the minimum wage travesty that makes these “brown people” so ubiquitous in these jobs once held mostly by native-born teenagers?)

Additionally, there is among the state's uneducated, unskilled, un/underemployed, substance-addicted (Arizona could easily earn the moniker "Substance Abuse Capitol of the American Southwest") white majority the entrenched assumption that “brown people” are “stealing” both jobs and “public services.” The sad fact is that even a cursory survey of the economic landscape here with one's own eyes and ears reveals that it is the “brown people”, both legal native-born residents and illegals, who are to thank for what little service economy there is left here that still functions. It is the “brown people” who are doing jobs that the “white redneck” majority will not do, either because the illegal and unconstitutional unemployment and social service benefits that they complain about when “brown people” draw them but that they freely draw themselves are too generous compared to the “low” wages offered at prevailing rates, the jobs are “beneath them” (i.e., they actually have to WORK for the pay they earn and do things that actually satisfy customers – and stay sober while doing them), and that, last but not least, “brown people” are demonstrating the work ethic for which America was once famous, but which has now all but disappeared in most sectors of what little is left of the economy as the entitlement mentality has thoroughly corrupted all segments of society. (My own personal experience in this state has been that “brown people” in the building and repair trades, in particular, are courteous, prompt, hardworking, meticulous, reasonably priced, and provide lasting value for the money spent. My experiences with “Native” [i.e., “white” native] businesses in the same sectors, on the other hand, have been characterized mostly by slovenly, overpriced, indifferent, and attitudinous “service” in which I was made to feel that they were DOING ME A FAVOR by providing me with goods or services for which I was parting with my hard-earned money). This, I feel, is the crux of the matter: immigrants from “El Sur” create much-needed competition in certain “protected” monopolistic sectors of the economy that put the majority on notice that the status quo is no longer business as usual. This, in turn, threatens certain well-connected and well-patronized political interests., a disruption that of course cannot be tolerated. Hence the passage of a very destructive law that will drain what little liberty or market economy remains in this state while protecting the entrenched fascist corporate-state interests that reign from Phoenix.

So what is most ironic about this travesty of a law that is putting the finishing touches on the Southwest's model Prison-Industrial-Police State? The fact that the law elevates the enforcement of a federal immigration policy that the federal government itself shows only tepid interest, at best, in enforcing, and only then when it is politically expedient to do so. Remember here that Arizona is one of a handful of western states that has been flipping the proverbial bird to the feds on a number of recent issues, the just-passed Concealed Carry Reform Bill and RealID Non-Cooperation resolution being only two examples, in order to flex its flabby “sovereignty” muscles. Whatever local motivations the state's ruling classes have for wanting to turn the state into a fascist fortress, using federal law as a justification does nothing more than undermine its “state sovereignty” rhetoric (or perhaps that's really the point?). Will mentions the “good of second intent” in his article, a concept that is, sadly, quite alien to Arizona's majority. I now find myself among those wondering just what good a “state's rights” movement yields if the “rights” that the several individual states exercise include the “right” to rule their residents with a tyranny mirroring that of the federal Leviathan, if on a somewhat smaller scale.

All of the above said, the saddest aspect of this sorry mess is that Arizona is a state of unrivaled natural beauty and climate (even in Summer!), one that could easily attract and retain hard-working, innovative, industrious residents dedicated to building a better society through respect for liberty and free markets. Tragically, this is almost certainly not to be. The welfare-warfare mentality, with all of its toxic side effects, has gripped the residents of the Grand Canyon State --whether they are middle-class retirees at death's door, blue-collar whites, Native Americans, or multi-generational Mexican-Americans alienated and dispossessed by the “global economy”-- like it has few others. The result has been an atmosphere hostile to commerce, innovation, liberty, property rights, and stable communities with viable futures, along with the inevitable economic stagnation, political corruption, social fragmentation, and fiscal collapse. For this reason I see me and my family leaving this state within two years and returning to the East Coast. I do not undertake this decision lightly, as I invested everything in creating a new life here for my family and myself. However, the Northern Sonoran Desert appears to be a place where the seeds of liberty and prosperity will simply not take root and flourish, no matter how much one waters and tends them.

God help the Grand Canyon State, and the rest of Amerika.

(Sorry for the long-winded speech. I'm getting off my soapbox now).