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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Misrepresenting libertarianism (small “l”) and Avoiding Personal Responsibility

Just as people seem unable to differentiate between the concepts of “capitalism” and “state-corporatism”, so too is there confusion over the meaning of “libertarianism” among the statist hordes.

I accidentally stumbled upon this piece by Megan McArdle published in yesterday's Business Insider in which she blames “libertarianism” for the scams perpetrated upon gullible, underemployed Amoricons by private colleges and trade schools that promise lucrative careers in exchange for exorbitant tuition for a nine-month to two-year cram course in some vocation or other. My response to the article in the comments section under the user name “AnotherTucsonLibertarian” sums up my response to McArdle's drivel, so I won't expand on it here. The bottom line is that I am sick and tired of 1) the attempt by statists to co-opt the term “libertarian” for their own selfish and nefarious agenda, and 2) the idea that government is responsible for saving people too stupid and lazy to make informed decisions for themselves.