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Monday, June 28, 2010

An Old Kleptoparasitic Pol Bites the Dust

West Virginia Senator-for-Life and Pork King Robert “KKK” Byrd is dead at age 92. I'm strongly resisting the urge to add “and a good damned riddance too,” as this would seem to fly in the face of simple human decency. But lets consider the fact that not only did this corrupt parasite keep his snout in the public trough for half a century, he also came to effectively control access to that trough. Through this control, he selfishly and criminally funneled billions of stolen dollars to his home state, conferring a false (if razor thin) facade of economic viability upon that backward, corrupt, dysfunctional, hopelessly sterile place. Not for nothing was he called “the King of Pork.” Citizens Against Government Waste estimates that Byrd stole almost $5.2 billion dollars for West Virginia during his twenty-year tenure as both a ranking member and later head of the Senate Appropriations Committee (that's “Thieves Guild” in layman's terms).

As of this writing, I haven't seen comments from the general public in sufficient volume to make a determination of how “the little people” outside of Byrd's kleptocratic fiefdom of West-by-God-Virginia are responding to his death (or expressing their views of his political life). So far, however, the Pols and their kept Establishment Press have already kicked into high gear with panegyric praise over one of their own's passing. If the tone is to be characterized by the following gem of pure, intelligence-insulting nonsense from Byrd's fellow Senate kleptoligarch Patrick Leahy, it's going to be a very painful week of eulogies to endure:

“No senator came to care more about the Constitution and be a more effective defender of our constitutional government than the senior senator from West Virginia,” said Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy. “In many ways, he was the keeper of the Senate flame, the fiercest defender of the Senate's constitutional role and prerogatives.”

In response to the above quote, follow the link to the source and note my comment in response to it. I won't repeat it here (unless ABC News blog takes it down, in which case I'll repost), but suffice it to say that only Byrd's fellow Polscum like Leahy could possibly make that comment with a straight face.

Now two questions:

1.What stellar example of humanity from West Virginia will replace Byrd in the Senate

2.How long before Byrd's constituents demand that Senator Jay Rockefeller take over Byrd's sticky fingers operation, Rockefeller being the only West Virginia senator with sufficient seniority to pull it off?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Byrd was constantly lionized for his purported respect for the Constitution. Really? The man wouldn't know the spirit of that document (dead as I believe it to be) if it jumped up and bit him in the now dead ass. He had no decency, like his fellow thieves, for anyone outside his particular guild of bandits.

4:14 PM, July 02, 2010  

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