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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey, Mom, Maybe Your Church Is One of the Few That “Gets It” - When Will You?

My neocon, military-worshiping mother writes in a “Happy [??!!!] Memorial Day” email:

We were SO disappointed there was NO recognition of Memorial Day at church yesterday.  I don't know what's going on.  Our Troops display is also the ONLY effort not afforded a place on the patio in front, or out back, with no mention in the bulletin.  I don't get it! 

Well, Mother Dear, maybe the new pastoral and lay leadership of your church has, unlike you and the rest of the congregation, actually read the Four Gospels – you know, those pesky missives that tell us what Jesus Christ actually commands of His followers. Things like, oh, say, loving your enemies. Which means, no matter how you try to stretch into something else, that you should show actual love to them, an act that clearly doesn't involve taking up arms against them. Yeah, I know, loving your enemies, especially those who don't worship Jesus, speak funny languages, dress funny, and don't like nosy, arrogant Americans invading their countries, destroying their property, and murdering their loved ones is not as much fun as killing them. But I think Jesus was pretty clear on where He stood when it came the idea of people who follow Him dishing out acts of deadly violence against others. Even the most “modern” translations of the Gospels make it clear that He didn't like it at all; as a matter of fact, He made it pretty clear that anyone who used violence in His name was no better than the Godless enemies He made equally clear would earn eternal damnation.

So, Mom, since the troops you claim to so adore and the organization they represent are dedicated to committing acts of murderous violence against people who never threatened the country you claim to love, an act transparently and unquestionably un-Christian, maybe your church's leadership has decided that “the troops” deserve none of the “support” you would give them. After all, the purpose of the church is to spread the word of Christ and, through prayer and study of the scriptures, lead others to live their lives in accordance with His message. That being the case, “the troops” are doing the exact opposite of what Christ would have them do. Small wonder then that no one wants your “Troops Display” anywhere near the church. As a matter of fact, they are probably being more polite and tolerant than they should, given what “the troops” do in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon in Pakistan and Iran.

So, Mom, where do you stand? Are you willing to be a missionary to those parts of the world where “the troops” you so love are doing everything that the Jesus you claim to worship condemned, or are you really a worshiper of Amerikan Empire who seeks to apply an illegitimate veneer of “Christianity” on the abominations that are anathema to everything Christ stood for? I think I know the answer to that question. I just hope you and your fellow warmongers have an adequate explanation ready for Judgment Day.

Meanwhile, instead of whining about your church's resistance to your warvangelism, why don't you go find another church (or start one of your own) that makes it clear that it values War and the State over the Christian Gospel? As insipid as such a church would be, it would at least have the decency to be honest about its true aims and would stop perverting the real Gospel to advance unholy aims. It would also leave those Christians hungry for the real message of the Lord free to pursue that message without perverse distractions.

Oh, and “Happy Memorial Day.” Enjoy the temporal holy day that you clearly value over the real holy days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mom ain't the only one brother! I have many dear friends that say essentially the same thing and for some unknown reason can't see the hypocrisy. I'm reminded of the quote,

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried.” -G.K. Chesterton ...

Isn't that the point, really? It's not that the Christian faith is all that HARD to understand. Either Jesus said what he said, and meant what he said, or he was a liar and his apostles were likewise frauds, dupes and scoundrels. I'm tempted to believe that our pseudo Christians of today would blubber about how the times have "changed" but by saying as much what they are really saying is that God, the architect of the universe, who holds your very existence in His hands, is incapable of seeing the future and doesn't understand going on! He's just not with the times. That's the absurdity of it all.

12:44 PM, June 23, 2010  
Blogger liberranter said...

MoT, I couldn't have said it better than you do here.

Sadly, the rot within the "Christian" church in Amerika today goes well beyond the satanically insane thirst for militaristic violence. Indeed, it manifests itself most painfully and hideously in an insular, self-righteous arrogance that rivals the very worst aspects of equivalent secular institutions and that reveals just how far from the message of the Four Gospels "Christianity" in Amerika today has strayed.

Example (a minor one among many, many others I could cite from firsthand experience): Neocon Mom and Dad, having been involved in a prison ministry program, are acquainted with a middle-aged man who has just been paroled from a California prison, having served a "life" sentence for a murder that he committed as a young twenty-something nearly three decades ago. One of the things this man told Mom and Dad when they visited him as a "free" man a few weeks ago is that he is having a hard time finding a church congregation that will accept him because of his past as a felon. My response was that any "church" that treats him as an outcast is a "church" that he should RUN, NOT WALK away from as fast as possible and, for good measure, warn others about before they too are hurt and misled.

Sadly, Derrick's (not his real name) experience is the NORM, not the exception, with "churches" in Amerika today. I simply never cease to be amazed at the number of "Christians" who, while prattling piously about "loving one's neighbor" and "emulating Christ in every way" cannot stomach the idea of actually LIVING the life Christ commanded through His messages. (The attitude seems to be "hey, I'm not divine like Jesus was, so how can I possibly be expected to live like He did? Get real!") Indeed, even a casual random visit to any randomly-selected "Christian" church congregation on a Sunday morning will confirm that the pew-warmers one will encounter differ not at all in attitude and demeanor from the narcissistic arsehole boss or coworkers one deals with Monday through Friday or the rude, apathetic retail sales people one deals with on Saturday morning shopping trips. In other words, "the salt of the earth" is as flavorless as sand!

All of that said, I DO NOT mean to imply that all of us can live perfectly angelic Christ-like lives every minute of every day, or that we are not subject to all of the prejudicial, hateful, lustful, sinful impulses that afflicted mankind since the day of creation. What I'm saying is that, as far as Amerikan "Christians" are concerned, the overriding priority is to continue to be able to live the privileged, comfortable middle-class Amerikan existence rather than to take a hard look at what being a REAL Christ-follower demands and dedicating oneself to living such a life, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST (how many Amoricons today would be willing to suffer the martyrdom that was the norm for First Century Christians? ZERO would be the only realistic answer to that question).

So, whether or not things will change remains to be seen. As Western civilization as we know implodes in the very near future, it will be revealing to see whether Amerika's "Christians" turn to the real truth of the Gospels or whether they remain part of the problem.

1:07 PM, June 23, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In order to live the "Christ-like" life, as you point out, one must first of all through the act of humility, accept the fact that it is grace at work. Simply put... YOU ain't good enough! That olde cliche' "There but for the grace of God go I" still holds. I used to be a fervent Christian but after oh so many years of witnessing the hypocrisy I decided that I'd rather be an agnostic. I don't disparage those who do or don't believe. I only wish they'd be honest with themselves and stop pigeon-holing everyone who doesn't goose step to their tune. Legalism reigns while love is painfully absent.

11:51 PM, June 23, 2010  

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