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Friday, April 09, 2010

Arizona State Government Does Something Right (For Once), Respects Second Amendment

My day has just been brightened by the news that the Arizona House of Representatives has approved a bill allowing residents to carry concealed handguns without a permit, enabling all of us in the Grand Canyon State to exercise our Second Amendment rights unhindered. All that is now required is Governor Jan Brewer's signature, which I expect will happen soon without much further ado. (As an aside, I hold no love in my heart for this moronette of a politician, but even a stopped clock is right twice each day.)

I won't speculate at length as to how and why this common-sense bill passed so easily through a usually dysfunctional and tyrannical political body. My first guess, however, is that gun ownership is so widespread in this state that any move to further restrict gun ownership or carry would meet with truly massive popular resistance. I also have to believe, though I can't prove it with direct evidence, that nullification and secession fever are on the rise here (let us hope!) and that the legislature is beginning to realize that it had better tread carefully.

As for “concealed carry”, I've always been hard-pressed to think of a good reason for it under ordinary circumstances. When I carry I want my gun to be clearly visible to everyone. After all, it is the display of arms that sends notice to would-be assailants that I am able, ready, and willing to defend myself with lethal force. But I digress.

The important thing here is that yet another state has asserted its sovereignty in the face of federal intimidation and overreach. While I am of course mercilessly critical of this state's government, as I am of all levels of government, I will also recognize it and commend it when it does its job, that being the protection of citizens' rights and property.

So hats off to the Arizona legislature, and, we hope, Governor Brewer. May your courage and upholding of the law of the land serve as an example for all other states to follow!


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