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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Reason Only Eleven Percent Of Republicans Support Ron Paul...

… is because, well, they're Republicans. According to poll results posted on Public Policy Polling blog (thanks to Brad Funkhouser, courtesy of the LRC blog), a recent nationwide sampling of Republican voters indicates that 28% of them favor Mitt Romney as the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, followed by Mike Huckabee at 24% , Sarah Palin at 23%, and Ron Paul at 11%. Nine percent say they're undecided, and six percent say their preference would be someone else (unspecified). I think these results say it all.

Frankly, I'm surprised Ron Paul even made it into the double digits. Given the Repugnant Party's complete, absolute, and irreversible collapse as an organization of political principle, I would think that Ron would be lucky to get even five percent support. Given also the waffling and pandering to political expediency that is hard-coded into both GOP voters and party "leaders," I expect Ron's percentage to dwindle to about one or two percent among registered Republican voters come November 2012. After all, this is the party that re-nominated and re-elected George W. Bush in 2004 despite his trampling upon every so-called “principle” this party pretends to hold sacred, behavior that should have had the GOP faithful calling for his impeachment and replacement with someone who better represents the GOP's principles (I know, dream on!). Had the GOP actually done so, as well as right some other obvious wrongs, it would have distinguished itself as a true party of principle, and it is much less likely that the African Virus would be occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today. Of course the fact is that these things did not happen, because the GOP is not, never has been, and never will be a "party of principle."

We must also remember the flagrant and deliberate disrespect shown to Ron Paul by the party nomenklatura before and during the 2008 election, along with the abysmal ignorance of, if not outright contempt for liberty displayed by the party's mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging “base." Given these, I must say that only a deluded fool would seriously expect Ron to succeed at the polls next election if he has to depend on the GOP for victory. That's not even taking into consideration the orchestrated character assassination campaign that the GOP hierarchy and MSM will mount, together with the Democratic “opposition” (HAH!) to derail Ron's campaign in the almost impossible event that he gets the GOP nomination.

No, the only “Republicans” who will vote for Ron in 2012 are going to be ex-Republicans who either re-register as Independents or with a third party such as the Libertarian or Constitution parties. Given the GOP mainstream's utter obliviousness to the national collapse around them, coupled with their blind militarism and amoral politics, it would be far too much to expect the mass eye-opening necessary to get Ron elected the presidency* and to begin the restoration of liberty.

(*Am I the only one who thinks that in the absolutely otherworldly event that Ron does get elected president that both parties will suddenly "rediscover" their respect for the Constitution and decide that the Executive Branch has too much power? That there will be a concerted bipartisan effort to neuter the imperial presidency? What better way to undermine any reforms Ron envisions than to emasculate his office to the point that he has no power!)


Blogger Isaac said...

Alas, I think the solution to the problem of a President Paul would be far more dastardly. Since the Fed is in charge of the whole world, and since they have gladly helped annihilate so many millions of people over the years, one more wouldn't be such a big deal. But this is my conspiracy loving side coming out.

10:35 AM, May 26, 2010  

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