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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Local Congresscreature Suffers Blowback From Her Vote On Obamacare

Tucson Congresscritter Gabrielle Giffords apparently got a wake-up call from one or more unhappy constituents over her vote to endorse Obamacare. It seems that her Tucson office was vandalized last night, someone having smashed the glass on the office's door and windows and causing some undetermined amount of damage to the office's interior. Apparently dear Gabby made it known in advance that she intended to ignore her constituents' wishes on the subject of Obamacare and vote in accordance with the Dear Leader's decree.

Let me be clear: I do not in any way, shape, or form advocate vandalism or violence or destruction of property as a form of political protest. In addition to the fact that it violates the libertarian principle of private property rights (Giffords is almost certainly renting this office, which means that it belongs to someone else), such protests are counterproductive. To resort to mindless violence, a typically reflexive reaction of both the extreme Left and extreme Right, is indicative of an unthinking mind, a lazy brain stem-driven approach to problem solution. All this act of vandalism will accomplish is to enable Giffords and her fellow statist kleptoplutocrats to point fingers at anyone who dissents from the Dear Leader's party line and claim that such people are nothing but violent terrorist extremists. (Given the propensity for federal “law enforcement” [sic] agents to deploy agents provocateurs in an attempt to make all dissidents look like violent extremists, I would not be the least bit surprised if we were to eventually learn that the attack on Giffords' office was the work of some alphabet state or federal agency).

That said, I can understand why (but do not condone the fact that) someone did this, assuming, once again, that it was not the work of some fedthug(s) attempting to caste the freedom movement in a negative light. Ordinary working Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated and fed up with their “representatives” (HAH!), who are less and less conspicuous and subtle in flouting the wishes of those they purport to “serve.” If the bankster bailout acts of 2008, in which Congress ignored the clearly stated wishess of 95 percent of the electorate on the subject, didn't once and for all open the eyes of the people to where Congress's real interests are focused, nothing else will. For this reason it is reaching the point where some people (think Joe Stack), desperate to make their anger known to those in power who are all but unreachable, are resorting to extreme measures, however fruitless and counterproductive these are. We can rest assured, however, that such measures will backfire. Gabrielle Giffords will not only not modify her voting to accord with both the U.S. Constitution and with the majority of her constituents' wishes (insofar as these are compatible with one another) as a result of this actof vandalism, but will probably be more determined than ever to serve the cause of her Establishment owners at her constituents' expense.

As for the vote that resulted in the destruction of Gabby's office and the legislation it has enacted, there's a silver lining to that too. I've predicted the following publicly before and will repeat that predication again: None of the full measures of this law will ever come to pass. By the time the 2014 rolls around, the nation will be completely bankrupt, its currency collapsed, and in a state of all-out civil war.


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