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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Joe Stack a Harbinger of Things to Come?

Yesterday's kamikaze-style attack on the IRS building in Austin, Texas by a light aircraft piloted by a desperate and angry tax rebel has me deeply torn. On the one hand, as a libertarian I am firmly against the initiation of aggressive force that results in the loss of innocent lives or property. On the other hand, can any honest American claim that the IRS's depredations upon us working taxpayers are anything other than aggressive force and that anyone who “works” for that organization is truly innocent? Apparently Joe Stack, the 53-year-old pilot of the aircraft, a software engineer who owned his own independent contracting business and who was a current target of the IRS, firmly believed the latter to be the case.

The facts surrounding Stack's attack are still being gathered, so I'm not going to comment at length at this time. I also have yet to download and read a copy of the full manifesto that he left behind as a suicide note, so I won't address that here either. I did, however, receive an email copy today of Chuck Baldwin's latest editorial in which Chuck laments the fact that Stack killed himself. Stack, he says, would have been much more valuable to the cause of liberty had he remained alive and united his fellow countrymen to help take action against this armed gang of predatory mafiosi who are the reigning establishment's fiscal enforcement arm.

On biblical grounds alone, Chuck is correct. I wonder, however, if we will one day look back at Joe Stack's lone act of desperate defiance and recognize it as the final starting salvo in the Second American Revolution. Did this one man become so desperate, did he feel such a sense of hopelessness at his plight, did he see no light at the end of the tunnel that he felt that his only recourse was to end his own life by striking back at the common enemy? What little I have read of excerpts from his suicide manifesto seem to indicate that this was the case. If indeed it is, then Joe Stack was not alone. Literally hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS or Americans are on the receiving end of the IRS's terror tactics each year. This lawless agency, one that can crush an American citizen and his family on a mere whim is the epitome of the word “terrorist.” Apparently Joe Stack decided that enough is enough and that he was going to do something about it. True, he didn't put enough power behind his attack to make anything other than a symbolic dent in his evil target's power, but I have no doubt that his symbolic defiance will have far-reaching impact on the movement to restore liberty to this land.

Meanwhile, the MSM, terrified at the implications of Stack's act, is already amping up the propaganda spin machine in what will surely be a futile attempt to deflect attention away from the growing unrest that is tearing the nation apart. Texas congresscreature Lloyd Doggett, one of the Obamunist's loyal lapdogs in the Lone Star State, has already referred to Stack's attack as “a cowardly act of domestic terrorism.” Like most of the ruling elite, Doggett thinks that the use of terrorist force by the State in against Us the People is all well and good as long as it advances his own selfish agenda. But let him and his fellow parasites get a taste of their own medicine, and it's the end of the world (by the way, fuck you, Doggett!).

Again, I'll revisit this subject later. Until then, it's time to dig a little deeper.


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