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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News: Some Tucsonans (Other Than Yours Truly) Are Sick And Tired Of Military Jet Noise

I was elated to have my attention directed to this Arizona Daily Star article that originally appeared on February 4th. It seems that some of the city's citizens are growing very weary –nay, fed up-- with the sonic booms and other noise from USAF, Arizona Air National Guard, and “other” F-16s, F-18s, and A-10s from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base that have been engaging in a seemingly interminable series of “exercises” over the skies of Southeastern Arizona for the last several weeks.

Count me among those in the “sick and tired” crowd. Sure, the roaring zoom-whiz-bang of airborne deathcraft was the shit when I was an impressionable twenty-something full of hormones and with no direction in life who thought that all things military were sacrosanct, the ideal of how a man's life should be lived. Now, however, with the passage of years and the knowledge and wisdom that comes with them, I find it just flat-out irritating, an eardrum-ravaging exercise in boondoggle. These deathjets serve no purpose other than to waste stolen tax dollars in a propaganda exercise, the goal of which is to make the gullible, unemployed (and unemployable) welfare sheeple believe that fighter aircraft are in some way relevant to “defense” against the real problems that plague what little is left of this nation. And please do not start with the “you should be grateful for these brave airmen who defend your freedoms” bullshit. As someone who wasted two decades of his life on active duty, nearly six years of those decades as a U.S, Naval air crewman, I can state emphatically and categorically that “defending freedom” has nothing whatsoever to do with the turning of JP5 into thick black smoke and the punching of holes in the sound barrier that is taking place over our desert airspace. It does, however, have EVERYTHING to do with the burgeoning militarist police state that is shaping up everywhere around the nation, at a particularly accelerated pace in “red states” like this one.

Not surprisingly, there have been more than a few locals who welcome all the intrusive noise and pollution. This online letter to the editor by a typically clueless Tucson ovine named Bradley Craig Mylan, no doubt a graduate of this area's peerless publik skool sisdumb and almost equally certainly one of the unemployable dolts who populate this city in massive number, is a perfect representation of that view. Note that Brad, typical of most Amoricons, is completely unfamiliar with the economic concept known as “the broken window fallacy”, as evidenced by his statement that the jets “create jobs and security.” But this is to be expected, since Brad is a resident of a city largely devoid of private-sector jobs, a situation caused in no small part by 1) Tucson's abysmal public school system, most of whose “graduates” are functional illiterates incapable of gainful employment, and 2) a city and county government that is openly hostile toward business (especially the free market), thus dissuading, in combination with reason number 1, any large businesses from setting up or remaining in the Tucson area. The result, of course, is that Tucson has become like many other “red state” cities: dependent upon some form of federal government entity for its “jobs” and tax revenue base, the most common of these entities being military bases and, to a lesser extent, contractor corporations that staff or support those installations. This explains why not only ordinary Tucson citizens, but their “representatives” in city and county government (and certainly also their congresscreatures) kowtow to and grovel at the feet of the military-industrial-corporate complex in hopes of maintaining an economic lifeline. Such lifelines are unsustainable in the long term, and with the impending collapse of the dollar are going to be lost sooner rather than later, but that's for another future rant.

Meanwhile, I hope and pray that the one move that could make noise levels here unbearable –the permanent deployment of the new and NOISY F-35 strike fighter to Davis-Monthan-- will never come to pass. I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:47 AM, February 16, 2010  
Blogger Isaac said...

I don't completely agree with my Chinese friend above. But listen, can't you see that it's the sound of freedom you're hearing? And when some incendiary bombs are dropped on your house (GPS coordinates provided by the census weasels, of course) due to your belligerent anti-government attitude (as evidenced by your sympathy for the terrorist Joe Stack), you will feel the burn of freedom. Until then, the burn of freedom will be provided by the IRS and every news show on TV. Enjoy.

2:24 AM, March 03, 2010  

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