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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Comment Moderation

This is just a quick administrative note to let my readers know that I've just enabled comment moderation on the blog. Let me be clear that I am NOT doing this to annoy my readers or to make posting comments difficult, nor do I have any intention of "censoring" unfavorable comments. I'm doing it to eliminate some non-English comments like those in Chinese that have been posted in response to two of my recent entries.

Let me also be clear that I am certainly NOT biased against foreign languages or readers from other nations and cultures whose primary language is one other than English. Being to some degree fluent in a few foreign languages myself, I certainly can appreciate the desire to communicate in one's native tongue if that's the one in which one can best express one's point. But since I do not read, write, or speak Chinese*, this means that I am unable to verify whether or not the post is a legitimate one or if it is simply spam. Furthermore, if I cannot understand a comment, that means that I cannot respond to it, either to clarify, answer, or rebut a point made. It therefore serves no constructive purpose.

If I've offended or alienated anyone with this move, please accept my apologies in advance. Feel free to post a complaint (preferably in English, but German, French, Spanish, or Arabic would work too) and I'll give it due consideration.

(*This certainly puts me at a great economic disadvantage as the Amerikan Empire implodes.)


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