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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shame On Ron Paul!

It hurts me to the bone to hear Ron Paul's comments to independent journalist John Bush on this YouTube video (special thanks to Karen DeCoster for posting this on her blog). While I don't live in Ron's congressional district (in fact, I'm a non-voter), I have every intention of letting Ron know what a dreadful betrayal of his base and his supposed ideals his comments represent. I'm already composing a letter that I intend to send to Ron's congressional office via snail mail (most congressional offices get too much email to bother reading it). I'll post it here when it's finished.

While I certainly recognize that politics, by its very nature,is a filthy endeavor, I, like any other principled liberty lover, have long believed that Ron's ideals transcended career politics. It appears that we all might have misjudged Ron and misplaced our ideals.

Still, I'm willing to allow Ron the opportunity to clarify his remarks. While I hope that it's all a dreadful misunderstanding, I don't see how the video remarks could possibly be taken out of context. Judge for yourself.


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