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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just In Case You've Forgotten That Pat Robertson Is a Blithering, Ignorant Idiot...

… he reminds you of that fact in a one-and-a-half-minute segment of a CBN news interview concerning yesterday's earthquake in Haiti. Calling the earthquake “a blessing in disguise”, Robertson demonstrates what can only be held by sane and sentient human beings as either senile rambling or zoological stupidity (both?) by claiming that the Haitians deserve the suffering they're now enduring.

And why do they deserve it? Because, Paddy claims, the Haitians “a long time ago made a pact with the devil” that they would become his servants if he would rid their island of the French colonialists and grant them their independence. Having done that, according to Paddy, they've been paying the price by suffering unending poverty, war, and oppression ever since.

What really made my jaw drop and my eyes roll back into their sockets was Paddy's utter ignorance of history in general and the history of Haiti in particular, something that certainly shouldn't have surprised me, coming as it did from an “Evangelical Christian.” For someone seeking to present himself as knowledgeable on Haiti, particularly the events surrounding that island's independence, one would think that Paddy might have a vague clue about who ruled France at the time of the island's formal independence in 1803. Instead Paddy carelessly tosses off the name “Napoleon the Third” as his guess as to who ruled France at the time (try Napoleon the First, dipshit!). I can only imagine the response he would have given if the interviewer or one of the network's viewers had tossed out the question “hey, Pat, can you tell us about Toussaint L'Overture's role in this 'pact with the devil?'” The response would no doubt have been a blank, drooling stare followed by a bewildered “who?”, then a stammer-filled stream of excuses and a statement along the lines of “well, we're here to talk about God's plan of salvation for our poor brown brethren, not Haiti's history.”

Paddy's second howler was his attempt to sound geographically erudite by explaining the division of the island of Hispaniola into Haiti and the Dominican Republic, a geographical fact that someone with the Fifth Grade education Paddy lacks probably fed him just before he went on the air.

His third and greatest knee-slapper was the statement that the Dominican Republic, Haiti's neighbor, is “prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etc.” Prosperous, healthy, and full of resorts? Good grief, Paddy, whoever is feeding you your current events propaganda needs to be fired, because he/she is making you look like and even bigger moronic asshole than you already manage on your own.

The Dominican Republic, Paddy, is an impoverished hellhole just like most of the rest of Latin America. Sure, it's “prosperous and healthy” compared to Haiti, but for God's sake, what country isn't any of those things compared to that dysfunctional hellhole? In fact, the Dominican Republic is one of the most backward and underdeveloped countries in the Caribbean compared to its neighboring islands and is kept afloat almost entirely by remittances from its world-class baseball superstars who are earning mega-millions of dollars in the United States. But those baseball bucks aren't helping most of the country's population, which has an unemployment rate averaging 15.5 percent and over 40 percent of the population living below the poverty level. So paradise it ain't, Paddy. Engage your brain next time before you open your mouth!

Notice that I haven't mentioned Paddy's display of economic ignorance, that being his enthusiastic endorsement at the beginning of the interview of the “broken window fallacy” as Haiti's “blessing in disguise” and its way out of its current predicament. I didn't dwell on this because so many other people (and not just Americans) share Paddy's economic ignorance that I cannot honestly say that his ignorance is any worse than anyone else's. All it does here is mildly compound his rank ignorance of every other subject (which includes the Bible, by the way).

So why does ANYONE listen to this hypocritical charlatan anymore? I have to assume that the answer is that his lies and ignorance resonate with a huge number of Amoricons who like to think of themselves as Christian, but who wouldn't know the real thing if it appeared out of heaven before them. These are people to whom Robertson and his fellow pseudo-Christian hucksters promise endless spiritual enrichment and even temporal wealth without asking them practice their faith. Indeed, Paddy and his fellow hucksters are easily able to convince the gullible Amoricon pseudo-Evangelicals that as long as they hate, bomb, invade, occupy, and kill people who don't resemble white, middle-class, neoconservative Amerika, all in the name of Jesus, they've proven their faith and can be assured a place in heaven. Couple that with the complete ignorance of the Bible characteristic of ordinary “Evangelical Christians”, and you have a fail-safe path to wealth and fame. For this reason you can bet a year's salary that every last one of Robertson's regular viewers lapped up his explanation of Haiti's plight as truth just as incontrovertible as the scriptures themselves.

Look for the persecutors of real Evangelical Christians in the future to come from the ranks of Paddy Robertson's brain-dead State violence worshipers.


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