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Friday, January 22, 2010

Contributing to the “Wrong” Charities?

On today's LRC Blog Lew Rockwell relays an email from a reader who bemoans the fact that his contribution to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for Haitian earthquake victim relief has probably gone to waste due to the U.S. military-controlled Port-Au-Prince International Airport's repeated turning away of DWB's relief flights in order to give the occupying , er, sorry, “relief” forces of the U.S. military aircraft landing priority. He also mentions contributions that he has made to and

Well, pal, I hope you haven't been flagged and placed on Leviathan's Watch List for having contributed to non-Establishment-approved charities. You know, of course, that means charities representing or serving people who resent Leviathan's gangster bullying, interference, and murder and who actually help people in need. After all, we can't have non-Establishment types showing up the all-beneficent, all-powerful, all-knowing State, can we?

Needless to say, I encourage anyone who wishes to voluntarily direct as much of their wealth as they'd like to any cause they consider worthy to freely contribute to these organizations, if for no other reason than that they meet with Rome-on-the-Potomac's disapproval. Now if only there was a practical way to take back the money stolen from our wallets and given to the Pentagram...