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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shame On The Swiss!

I read with thorough revulsion this morning the fact that Switzerland is going to compel its banks to grant the IRS full access to accounts held by American citizens. I simply cannot imagine what would compel a sovereign nation like Switzerland to abandon its own national sovereignty and kowtow to the authority of a dying empire like the United Fascialist State of Amerika. This, in my opinion, is a move that will in the long run hurt the Swiss far more than it will hurt American citizens seeking a financial sanctuary from their regime's oppressive and confiscatory tax system. After all, if they'll make an exception to policy for Amerika, why not for any other nation's tax collectors? The very purpose of having a Swiss account will be defeated, thereby rendering Swiss banks irrelevant in a major way. Definitely not good for business, this.
The first question that I would address to the Swiss government, a two-pronged one, is: why, and cui bono? The U.S. media, dutiful lapdogs of the reigning Establishment that they are, are mum on what type of pressure the regime exerted against the Swiss government to force this concession. I would have to assume that the primary consideration in submitting to Amerikan blackmail (and don't tell me that it was anything else) was that Swiss banks took stock of the extent of their holdings in Amerika and determined that non-compliance with the IRS's thuggish demands would result in sanctions, a move the effects of which would, in the banks' collective estimation, outweigh any benefit to preserving the integrity of Swiss law. This is, in my opinion, a very short-sighted view.
It is true that in the immediate term, Swiss banks would probably suffer hideous losses if their Amerikan operations were to be shut down by the Amerikan regime in retaliation for refusal to cooperate with the IRS. However, Swiss bankers are undoubtedly foresighted enough to know that the U.S. dollar is rapidly on its way to becoming a cousin of the Zimbabwean dollar due to the Federal Reserve's fiscal recklessness. In the long term, dollar-denominated holdings by Swiss banks will become nearly worthless, thus becoming not only insignificant, but perhaps even a liability.
I also cannot believe that a neutral, peaceful, federal republic such as Switzerland wants anything whatsoever to do with the empire-building, centralized, arrogant, megalomaniac, bellicose United States government and its imperial schemes. The fact that Switzerland continues to extend its assistance to the Amerikan Imperium in such areas as serving as an intermediary for U.S. persons in trouble abroad indicates that there is still a degree of quid pro quo despite the Amerikan regime's obnoxiousness. This of course prompts the question of what exactly Switzerland is getting in return for giving up some of its precious national sovereignty.
Is the Swiss government corrupt, at least enough to collude with the United Imperial State of America at the expense of its own national sovereignty? The first and most obvious response is thatall governments are inherently corrupt at some level. Whether or not Swiss politicians –or perhaps more accurately, the Swiss banksters who probably control them, as Amerikan banksters control the elected marionettes in Rome-on-the-Potomac-- have been offered some sort of sweet deal in exchange for selling out their customers and constituents is probably a question to which we'll never get an answer, at least not from the MSM. However, one certainly suspects that some form of carrot was extended by the Amerikan Imperium along with the wielding of a stick, for coercion alone, especially against an advanced Western nation like Switzerland, just doesn't adequately explain Swiss capitulation. After all, this is a country that stood up and flipped the bird to Adolf Hitler. We're not talking about Third World pushovers here. If anyone in my reading audience can offer a plausible theory, or better yet an empirical explanation, for Switzerland's about-face, I'm all ears.
Meanwhile, I intend to write to a representative of the Swiss government here in the U.S., through the appropriate office of the Swiss embassy, to express my outrage, sorrow, and displeasure. I'll be sure to post the contents here when finished. I encourage others to follow suit.