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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fred Reed Says "Farewell" to Blogitorials

So, Fred, you're saying good-bye to blogging ("Goodbye! FOE Tits Up," February 10, 2009), citing personal and professional reasons for not wanting to continue to maintain "Fred on Everything."

Sorry, Freddie, but I don't believe you for a second. You said almost exactly the same thing just over two years ago ("Taking a Break", September 28, 2007"), claiming that FOE was history. But you came back. We, your readers, knew you would. You see, Freddie, you're a born editorialist, an opinionator, a storyteller. You can no more not write than not breathe. There is simply too much within you that you feel compelled to share with the rest of the world, too many readers with whom you feel a philosophical and intellectual kinship, and, I suspect, a nagging feeling within you that to retire now would be to concede to the forces of evil now devouring what little remains of human freedom. I know that railing intelligently against the current political, economic, and social decay feels like banging your head against a brick wall, especially when the solutions, as you've taken pains to point out, are right in front of the world's collective noses. Still, as you acknowledge in your farewell message, you know you're making an impact. To paraphrase California's idiot governator, you'll be back.

Meanwhile, I do hope that you enjoy the temporary hiatus, which I have no doubt will be much longer than your last one. Do take the time to travel and enjoy your time with Violetta, Natalia, and your own two daughters. You're right about one thing - family comes first, above all else, and I'm glad that you're putting your money where your mouth is on that.

So in closing, I wish you God speed and good health. I and all the rest of your devoted readers will be here waiting for you whenever you choose to return, be that in two weeks or in two decades.

P.S. By the way, you might want to restructure the FOE site at some point in the near future so that your works are archived on separate web pages. Many of us like to link to your golden nuggets of wisdom to provide precious additional fuel for our crusade to set the world free again. Unfortunately, the site is set up as one great big flat file, with all works on one page. This makes direct linking to specific articles impossible. I think you mentioned a while back that you were trying to fix this, but I guess that has sort of fallen off the priority list now that you're taking a (let us hope) temporary sabbatical. If you need help with this archival purposes, drop me a note. I'd be glad to walk you through the process or set it up for you.

Spreading the Truth About "Honest [sic] Abe" on the Occasion of His Bicentennial

Fortunately, we seem to have been spared much of the insipid, platitudinous homilies many of us expected would erupt on this day, The Great Emancipator's (*bullshit!*) 200th birthday. Fortunately, and just as we expected he would, that brilliant "Lincoln Myth" demolisher, Dr. Tom DiLorenzo, has fired yet another powerful and destructive salvo into the "Lincoln the Great" facade created by the neoconservative court historians. I look forward to reading William Marvel's book Mr. Lincoln Goes to War, the existence of which I was unaware of until today.

I also greatly appreciate Jeffrey Rogers Hummel's contribution to today's Chicago Tribune that further punches holes in the Lincoln-as-national-redeemer-savior-and-liberator nonsense (a thank-you to Sheldon Richman for posting the link to this on his blog). If anything, Professor Hummel is too kind to Lincoln's memory, although he thoroughly grasps the magnitude of the destruction Lincoln wrought upon the constitutional government established by America's founders. He does, however, make one comment that I particularly took issue with, which is the statement that he had no reason to believe that Lincoln did not find slavery "abhorrent" as an institution, despite has transparently political motives for "emancipation."

The fact is that Lincoln's "abhorrence" of slavery was based solely on political and economic considerations, not moral ones. Indeed, Lincoln's own written and oral legacy make one thing perfectly clear: He didn't give a damn about blacks in general, or slaves in particular. In fact, he wanted all of them expelled from the United States to colonies in Africa or Latin America. This fact alone makes Barack Obama''s frequent citations of and self-comparisons to Abominable Abe so surreal*. Does he not realize that Abominable Abe is probably churning in his grave at the idea of a black president of the United States? Of course we know that Obama's Lincoln invocations are nothing but political grandstanding. Ignorant as he might be of real American history, Obama is well aware that the majority of the Amoricon people over which he rules is even more so, and that his platitudinous nonsense will be swallowed whole, paving the way for him to repeat and magnify the very abuses Lincoln perpetrated as president.

May my fellow Americans consider this day one of shame rather than celebration, for it marks the birth of the man who began the accelerated destruction of our liberty-based nation that is now approaching its apex.

(* For a truly nausea-inducing display of His Imperial Holiness's time-and-space-rending ignorance of American history in general and his "great white idol" in particular, see here)