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Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Message That Needs to be Repeated, Ad Nauseam, to All “Republichristians” (a.k.a. Constantinians) - Updated

As always, the editorial contributors and bloggers at are the first to pounce on liberty-relevant news and commentary, and the link below is no exception. My sincere thanks to Mike Tennant, a regular LRC contributor, for finding this nutritious spiritual and intellectual tidbit cooked up by Christian radio host Steve Deace of station WHO 1040 AM in Des Moines:

Steve's comments here echo those I made in an email response to Chuck Baldwin's latest epistle in which he decries the utter lack of principle and personal integrity that characterizes today's American “Christians.” While I won't bother to reprint my entire response here, it can best be summarized by the following two statements.
  1. American “Christians” are “patriotic” state-worshipers, first and foremost, and “Christians” a very distant second, if their faith even makes it that high on the priority scale. Even then they are American Christians. Ferners need not apply for residency in their version of Christ's Kingdom.
  1. American “Christians” are addicted to their material comforts that the free (until now, anyway) society in which they've lived all their lives has made possible. By this I mean their lucrative jobs, nice houses, multiple cars in the driveway, fancy restaurants, nice vacations, etc. They're not about to give up mammon, even as a cost of exercising their alleged “faith” in the Lord. No First Century martyrdom for these people, oh, no siree; if it's a choice between poverty and even death as a price of being a Christ-follower or retaining their worldly goods, they'll reach an accommodation with the temporal world, thank you very much. If that means enthralling themselves to a political party that advocates authoritarian, amoral, extra-legal usurpation of citizens' rights and property and that requires "Christians" to compromise their supposed "principles of faith," then amen, so be it.
Positions such as Steve's are of course wildly unpopular amongst so-called “Christians” in America. The more “fundamental” or “evangelical” the “Christian,” the more vociferous the backlash against any exposure of the rank hypocrisy or even mild suggestion that their actual deeds don't match their pious platitiudes. I can imagine that by now Steve's email inbox is flooded with letters of denial and vituperation from the very “Christians” who must clearly have recognized themselves in Steve's descriptions. I can only imagine the insipid excuses they offer up for their un-Christlike behavior and their defense of the corrupt and Godless Republican party (I also wouldn't be surprised if these “Christians” have screamed for Steve's dismissal). Of course we've heard all of their excuses before and they're not fooling anyone, especially God Himself.

Let us hope that Steve's essay reaches the inbox of web browser of every “evangelical” pastor in America, as well as those of every lay leader in every church. Whether the message will sink in remains to be seen (I'm not optimistic), but if there's a chance that even one misguided soul wakes up and gets back on the path, it will all be worth it.


See Stan Warford's contribution to LRC today (February 5, 2009) on Christians and war for yet more food for thought on this subject.