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Monday, January 19, 2009

On the Occasion of Our New Caesar's Coronation – Will You Please Shut the **** Up Already?

Please let me begin by offering a sincere apology for the crass flavor my post's title. As is the case with most other libertarians, the idea of anyone assuming the office of President of the United States is enough to induce nausea, so I'm not picking on the person scheduled to occupy it as of sunset tomorrow. I am, however, like most other liberty lovers of my acquaintance, sick to the point of feverish homicidal rage of all the undeserved, insufferable adulation being heaped upon our newest god-emperor, His Holiness Barack I. I am, I believe, suffering even more than most in that my wife, daughter, in-laws, and, most disturbing of all, even my six-year-old grandson continue to speak of this political hack as if he is Jesus Christ's younger brother come down from on high to save us all. The adulation is, of course, entirely race-based; they see one of their own at the slop trough and believe that it will somehow trickle down for their benefit, all common sense and practical experience notwithstanding. Yet these same people (minus my grandson, who is too young to know the difference) would treat any other politician of lighter skin shade who vomited the same stale, easily disprovable bromides as O'Bamma to the well-deserved verbal tarring and feathering merited by any of the criminals reaching the nation's highest political office.

But all is not entirely lost. I predict, with absolute certainty, that within 364 days of today, “Black America” will be as deeply disillusioned with His Holiness as they were with the nation's real "first black President," Emperor Slick Willy I. No, they won't directly express this disillusionment, at least not to white folk. But you'll hear rumblings of it nonetheless, as the Emperor's misguided, already-tried-by-his-white-predecessors-and-failed-miserably policies, especially economic policies, hit Black folk first and hardest, as any fifteenth-rate Austrian economist would have predicted.

I am not ordinarily an “I told you so” kind of person. However, because Amoricons as a whole are the world's greastest living, breathing exemplars of George Santayana's most famous statement in action, and because “Black America” is especially afflicted with a terminal dose of this condition, I am going to make an exception, if for no other reason than to enrage at least a small group of people into seeing the error of their ways and waking up to reality. I am currently in the process of composing an admittedly tasteless, even crass open letter to “Black America,” to be posted precisely one year from today, asking said community if it feels the same degree of mindless adulation for this fraudulent socialist huckster that it does today. I do this knowing that the national economy will be in infinitely worse shape one year from now, that Emperor Barack's promise to “create a million new jobs,” or whatever number his mendacious pie hole has spewed forth, will have failed miserably, and that no lasting, wealth-creating jobs will have been created. I also know that the handful of Black entrepreneurs most capable of and willing to create jobs and wealth in their communities will continue to be hamstrung by petty government regulations that smother their entrepreneurial ambitions in the womb, that impose onerous financial and legal penalties on them, and that serve no other purpose than to enrich and entrench those competing businesses that play the State's game, but who gouge their poor customers for shoddy goods and services and that contribute nothing to the community's betterment. I'll even go out on a limb and predict that these same people being strangled by big government will never see the connection and will continue to endorse Big Brother socialism, despite its malignant effects on their own economic health (or, alternatively, continue down the historic path of race-based hypocrisy by doing everything they can to avoid government big government while still loudly prescribing it as a cure for everyone else's ills).

In the end, Black neighborhoods will continue to stagnate economically and socially, especially as the Emperor's Establishment-dictated fiscal policies of Federal Reserve fiat currency generation, and attendant inflation, obliterate the value of the U.S. Dollar, thus destroy existing job opportunities for under-educated, under-skilled Blacks. Furthermore, his overwhelmingly anti-2nd Amendment position will foment a resurgence of crime in the inner cities as law-abiding blacks are further disarmed and left prey for criminals. This too will contribute to economic collapse in the inner cities, as would-be employers continue to abandon these crime-ridden communities for safer, less expensive locations – many of them overseas in the Third World.

Of course anyone who even asks such questions as I intend to ask, anyone who calls into doubt the infallibility of His Anointed Excellency, or indeed even mentions these un-PC subjects, will most likely be persecuted with every weapon in the State's legal arsenal. Give the unchecked adulation for O'Bamma among not only traditional constituencies, but among the erstwhile “conservative [sic] right” as well, count on the Unitary Executive to metastasize.

Nonetheless, whatever the risk, I shall ask the unpleasant, extremely un-PC questions in the most public of forums, beginning here. After all, what does a middle-aged white male have to lose, other than his job, home, family, self-respect, and life, all of which he's going to lose sooner rather than later given our accelerated rate of socioeconomic collapse.

At any rate, be sure to return on January 19th, 2010, if you don't come back sooner. I promise you a very entertaining read.