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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Predictions For 2009

Those who know me will be surprised at the title of this latest missive, for I am notoriously averse to the idea that anyone can “predict” with certainty anything other than death and taxes (though sadly, never occurring in that order). Still, I think that I can extrapolate from current, long-standing trends to forecast with reasonable certainty the occurrence of the following at some point during the current year. Indeed, to any conscious human being with a functioning brain stem, concurrence with these predictions is literally a “no-brainer.”

  • As the economy continues its southward journey, government at all levels will re-evangelize and re-assert the Gospel of Saint John Maynard the Keynes and impose new taxes, new regulations, and new “public works” projects upon the nation's populace in a frantic effort to “revitalize” the moribund national economy. Utterly undeterred by the failure of this gospel and its works during the last century, the new generation of Keynesian disciples, like the disciples of their faith's Socialist and Communist cousins, will simply conclude that their forebears weren't aggressive enough in evangelizing and doing Saint John's works and that “this time'll be different, honest! We'll have the RIGHT people in charge!”

  • Directly related to the previous prediction, the millions of moral and intellectual ciphers that constitute the majority population of this once productive and prudent nation will open their figurative mental mouths wide, like starving baby birds and swallow, whole, the toxic drivel spouted by these Keynesian Apostles. Lacking even an embryo's grasp of the fundamentals of economics or praxeology, these pathetically acerebral creatures, who miraculously managed to get themselves out of bed, dressed, and to work and back home each day of their adult lives without fatally injuring themselves, all the while earning obscene and undeserved inflation-stoked salaries in quasi-private sector “jobs”, will suddenly find themselves back down on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. Having been raised to believe that a middle-class lifestyle is a birthright, millions of these parasitic oxygen thieves will demand that the Keynesian ruling class “do something.” The “somethings” most popular with the unwashed masses are, of course, taxes on “the rich” (i.e., the few remaining segments of the population who have saved, invested wisely, and are capable of creating real wealth), protectionist tariffs on “non-American” (i.e., high quality and affordable) goods, and subsidies to “essential” (i.e., non-competitive) goods and services. Expect the Keynesian high priesthood to ensure that ALL of these measures are enacted at some point, with predictable results.

  • The cipher majority, already in darkly medieval ignorance, if not contempt of its legally protected constitutional rights, will heed the ruling elite's demand to cede even more of said rights to the State in exchange for “security” (which will of course never be precisely defined). Whether or not 2009 will be the year in which all remaining pretense of the United States being a “free and democratic republic” is dropped or not is impossible to predict with any certainty.

  • Libertarians will continue to naively believe in two seemingly indestructible fallacies, despite galaxies worth of evidence that they are no more viable than the existence of the tooth fairy or Santa Claus:

1. The ruling elite are simply ignorant of Austrian (i.e., free market) economics and the principles of liberty and will see the error of their ways and repent their authoritarian sins if libertarians make enough noise.

2.The masses just haven't been adequately exposed to the benefits of the free market and principles of liberty and will wake up and become critical thinking, freedom-loving respecters of private property once “the light” shines upon them in the right tint.

  • The United States military will continue to encroach further upon civilian government at home, with the marching moron masses continuing to praise “our troops” for defending “our freedom”, even as the Constitution and Bill of Rights are further eviscerated and American citizens at home are increasingly harassed, “renditioned”, or gunned down in the streets, often by a coalition of military and local “law enforcement” personnel.

  • “Black” America, the one demographic group proven to be especially incapable of learning anything from history, will continue to worship Messiah-Emperor Barack I as Jesus Christ's Baby Brother in the flesh even as he breaks every one of his campaign promises (“Change? What 'change'? Was I drunk when I said that?”) and begins to display his innate paternalistic contempt for working class blacks that he somehow managed to half hide during his campaign. Being even slower learners than the masses of white Americans (quite an accomplishment, that) and with an even shorter collective memory, black Americans will continue to lay roses at Obama's feet even as they are crushed mercilessly by economic collapse and bear the brunt of the brutality of the incipient police state that their beloved black messiah helps to further entrench. (Hey, I ain't writing this to make friends.)

  • The “underground economy”, a system that blends barter, cash transactions, and voluntary cooperative works, will become the unacknowledged backbone of the American economy as the “official” Federal Reserve-dominated system continues to collapse under the weight of its own criminal dysfunction and inertia, a la its Soviet older brother two decades earlier. Needless to say, the State will refuse to tolerate its thralls acting as free and independent citizens looking out for their own survival outside of the chaotic confines of the State's making. Expect the State to respond to this by engaging in anarcho-tyranny, brutally cracking down on peaceful citizens engaged in voluntary commerce at the expense of pursuing real criminals engaged in true crimes against person and property.

  • Evangelical “Christians” will pursue their quest for temporal power by proxy with a renewed vengeance. Look to groups such as James Dobson's Focus on the Family and Ralph Reed's Christian Coalition to make a desperate sweep of what little remains of the discredited Republican Party and dredge up the sleaziest, most unethical, most inconsistent member of the Republican establishment they can find and paint a “Christian” face on that person. Watch them then make a desperate, if comical attempt to pedestal this person as a possible 2012 presidential candidate, giving the Democratic “opposition” more than sufficient time to obliterate said individual's credibility. Meanwhile, look for more scandals to erupt within the “evangelical” community, as shady financial dealings and sexual peccadilloes come to light. It also goes without saying that “evangelical” support for the twin imperial debacles in Iraqghanistan will not waiver by a millimeter and that any new wars set unilaterally in motion by Emperor Barack I will meet with hearty “evangelical” approval, despite being declared by a Democrat. After all, Moloch has co-opted American “Christianity” and the lust for blood amongst this group outweighs mere partisan political considerations.

Well, that's it for now. If any other flashes of the obvious come to mind, you'll read it here first.