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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A State-Worshiping “Evangelical Christian” Church Might Be Turning Over a New Leaf

My mother reported indignantly in an email to me today that her church's new pastor and staff have prohibited her, my father, and some of their war-worshiping neocon fellow congregants from maintaining a “Support the Troops” booth in front of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. I confess that I have no idea what is behind this. For all I know it could be that they're taking up too much space in the lobby, or maybe some fragile egos have been bruised (today's “churches” are chock full of such, to the same degree as society at large). Or maybe, just maybe (though I doubt it), the new pastor might have undergone a spiritual epiphany in which he came to realize that “supporting the troops” and by extension the immoral and constitutional war(s) they're fighting is not exactly in harmony with the messages contained in the Gospels (*Gasp!* Someone who actually reads and takes to heart the Four Gospels – say it ain't so!) Maybe the new pastor thinks that it would be better to reach out to the troops by telling them to lay down their arms and spread the message of Christ's love to those whom “their country” hates and who, to hear “their politicians” tell it, want to “destroy us and our way of life.” Did not Jesus, after all, command us to love our enemies? Maybe the new pastor believes that supporting people who want to love Arabs and Afghans is preferable to supporting people who want to kill them.

Well, Mom swears that she and her war-worshiping friends are “not going to go away”and that she'll take on anyone who tries to stop her.

Hey, Mom, why don't you and Dad just go find another church? The metropolitan area that you live in has thousands of them, at least one of which is sure to mirror your state-worshiping, warmongering beliefs. But that's right, I forgot: Neocons believe, like the “liberals” they allegedly despise (but whose direct ideological descendants they are) that their way is the only way and that all who dissent must be forced to follow. Besides, stirring up Scheisse is much more fun that doing the right thing.

While the odds are not good, I sincerely hope that what is happening at this church is the beginning of a return to a true scripture-focused mission, one that castes aside temporal politics and focuses on nourishing the soul. It's long past time that this happened. Let a few little trees sprout!


Blogger Patrick said...

It amazes me how a nation supposedly founded on Christian beliefs can look itself in eye with any dignity as it engages in mass hypocrisy. Let's see how many commandments were violated in getting America to Iraq and Afghanistan.

1. The first commandment. Bush was the infallible decider and Obama has children forced to sing songs in his praises.

2. The fifth commandment. Rather self explanatory. I don't recall God putting a "but, in case ordered so" clause in there.

3. The seventh commandment. Countless of millions have been stolen been from the American, Iraqi and Afghani people in the name of this "just" war.

4. The eighth commandment. Countless lies were told (WDM, war crimes, 9/11 links) to start this "just" war.

5. The ninth commandment.
Anyone recall Powell swearing to statements he knew to be false.

6. The tenth commandment.
Interesting how Iraqi and Afghani assets belong to us.

Not bad, neocons violate 60% of the beliefs they claim to follow and claim this nation was founded.


1:05 PM, October 08, 2009  

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