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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Some Captive Children Spared the Obamunist's Propaganda Rant

I'm elated to report that my six-year-old grandson and his fellow first graders were spared the traumatic agony of force-fed statist collectivist propaganda from His Holiness Saint Barack I yesterday morning. While I'm not sure if it was oversight or a deliberate (and rare and wise, for a publik skool) decision on the part of a school administrator, someone decided that there were more important things with which to occupy young minds (dare we hope that it included the “Three Rs”?) than a political PR session. Three cheers to whomever did the right thing! Now let us hope that the Secular Messiah's first sermon for kids was such a flop as to be never repeated.


Blogger Isaac said...

My kids didn't see the speech either, which was actually disappointing because we previewed it, had a discussion, and they were all prepared with intelligent comments and questions. But no dice. Maybe next time.

2:40 AM, September 27, 2009  

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