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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Obamunist's Phony Electronic "Town Hall"

President Monkey Ears, apparently realizing that the sheeple are awakening to the fact that he is full of bovine excrement after having broken every last one of his campaign promises, has decided to throw them a rubber bone by staging an "electronic town hall" on line. For those with precious life minutes to waste, this dog and pony show (NOT the first of it's kind, by the way), can be accessed here, at least for now.

But it turns out that the Obamunist isn't really all that interested in what the hoi polloi have to say, since he's already stopped taking questions after just a day of having the electronic town hall forum open. Of course it's not as if it would do any of us liberty lovers any good even if he still was accepting them. Glancing briefly at a random sampling of the questions submitted in several categories, I notice that ALL of them assumed that it was His Holiness, Emperor Barack I the Divine's sacred duty to fix their every imaginable problem. Of course, what else would one expect? Does anyone really think that this megalomaniac scumbag and his puppeteer staff would even for a second allow, much less answer, any hardhitting questions that question his legitimacy? Please.

Nowhere did I see any questions that I, or indeed any liberty lover would have asked, such as:

"Did you not take an oath of office, on January 19, 2009, to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?'"

"If the answer to the previous question is 'yes', then can you tell me exactly and verbatim where within that document you swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend that you are permitted to do anything on your current agenda?"

"Do you even have the vaguest clue what you're talking about when you stand in front of the entire nation and spew forth streams of noxious verbal diarrhea in which you promise to fix each individual's every problem?"

"Do you have even a gnat's grasp of the fundamentals of economics?"

"Where were you really born?"

"Why don't you just admit that you're really a narcissistic Marxist authoritarian nihilist who intends to destroy every last vestige of individual and economic freedom left in the United States?"

"Based on the assumptions behind the previous question, do you intend to openly embrace Zimbabwean president and World Champion Murdering Thug Robert Mugabe as the ideological brother to you that he is once the United States (or what's left of them) finally achieve an economy identical to that now "enjoyed" by Zimbabwe?"

"Do you honestly believe that even one of your proposed "reforms" will actually work? Could you really be that stupid?"

Would that the imperial media gatekeepers had the intestinal fortitude or constitution of character to allow such raw, gauntlet-hurling questions to be directed at His Most Saintly and Blameless Majesty. As it is, it amazes me that so many sheeple actually thought that asking His Holiness for his divine protection would actually yield any meaningful results. Then again, looking and listening around me to what constitutes "American civilization", it really doesn't amaze me at all.

When will they ever learn?


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