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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Lew Rockwell: See My December 9, 2008 Post

In your LRC article today, you correctly re-state the position of your book The Left, The Right, and the State that both the Right and the Left are equally toxic to the cause of liberty. You then make the comment that after eight years of Bush/Neocon right-wing insanity, the Obama administration should be anxious to avoid compounding the errors of their predecessors and not take their left-wing ideology too seriously. Near the end you make the following statement:

"It's not that [those on the Left] hate liberty as such; it is that they believe that it must always take a backseat to other social priorities like equality. "

Lew, I must strongly disagree with that statement, just as I disagreed, as my December 9th post makes clear, with the premise of your article of that same date that attributes the State's actions to economic ignorance. Let us be clear: The ideological Left, like its counterpart on the Right, despises liberty. Why? Because liberty undermines their vision of a perfect world, one in which they wield unchecked power over the people.

As I also make clear in my December post, the Left, like the Right, no more believes in the viability of its own ideology than do we libertarians. What both sides crave, about all else, is unconditional power and liberty is anathema to and an antidote against such power. The ideological vomitus that both sides spew forth to justify their political aggrandizement is mere window dressing, pap cooked up to feed the masses of frightened, gullible, and uninformed sheeple that make up the majority of the nation's population. It is a means to and end (that end of course being power), not an end in itself. It is equally certain that none of the senior leadership of either party, whether or not they currently hold power, have any intention of being enthralled by the suffocating totalitarian chains they intend to put upon the rest of us. Whether the State is dominated by fascists or communists, the ruling elite are never constrained by the chains they make the rest of us bear and never suffer from or for the harm they cause their subjects.

Once again, it goes without saying that I agree one thousand percent with you on everything of substance on which you've written. I simply think that it's time we recognized the evil that motivates those who rule over us and confront it accordingly.


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