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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Flubs the “Oaf of Office” - How Appropriate!

How very telling it is that in his very first act as Prevaricator-in-Chief, His Holiness, with the assistance of Constitution-flouting Chief “Justice” John Roberts, tongue-trips over the Oath of Office (or “Oaf” of Office, as Senator Diane Feinstein slipped so Freudiantly). Now one would think that regurgitating verbatim a simple 35-word sentence wouldn't be an onerous exercise for an Ivy League law school graduate, but I guess the fact that one did ultimately speaks volumes about said institutions and the real qualities of their inmates. I can't help but shake the impression that this exercise was regarded by both participants as an annoyance, a piece of quaint ceremony that stood in the way of getting on with actually seizing the reins of imperial power.

It is altogether fitting that our new Caesar and his chief judicial enabler should so visibly bungle this simple utterance. After all, neither of these despicable creatures has demonstrated even the slightest true knowledge of or respect for the founding document that the Oaf of Office compels them to pledge to defend as the primary function of their respective offices, so why should we be surprised in the least when they not only fail to utter said oath correctly, but seem thoroughly bewildered at its content and meaning? Back in the earliest years of the Republic, an era when this nation actually was a republic rather than an anarcho-tyrannical empire and when presidents-elect were generally men with at least a modicum of actual integrity, the oath of office was the cornerstone of the inaugural ceremony. Indeed, it was really its only purpose, for the presidency was an office of extremely limited, even insignificant authority that certainly did not merit the lavish festivities that now accompany today's imperial coronations.

Obama's public bungling of this now quaint, irrelevant, and utterly meaningless oath serves as a clearer symbol than anything else of the true nature of this nation and the mindset of the criminal thugs who occupy its highest office. Will the oath be dispensed with altogether in the future, as what are now quadrennial coronations become less frequent as the office holders begin serving indefinite terms, in open conflict with the document they mendaciously pretend to uphold and defend?

The signs so far are not encouraging.


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