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Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Reflections

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and much has happened since then. I’ve settled down into my routine of work (telecommuting for my company back East, with some local work to supplement it), getting the house and property into inhabitable shape (no small feat given its condition when we moved in), obtaining an important professional certification (Certified Information System Security Professional [CISSP]), losing a father-in-law to cardiac arrest, helping my wife transition into her new job, providing moral support and encouragement to my daughter as she trains and prepares for a new career in the medical field, mentoring and parenting my grandson during his mother’s trying schedule and his own settlement into a new pre-school, and just coping with the vagaries of life in general.

Some of you who’ve corresponded with me probably are aware that I’ve been a frequent contributor to the Copwatch forums. In fact, you may have also noticed that this has been just about my only web presence for most of the last year. I did not intend to neglect this blog as I have; it’s just that I see the mission of Copwatch as being one of the most important facing our nation today as “law enforcement” (I use this term sacrilegiously here) continues to spiral farther out of control and the police continue to ever more rapidly abandon any pretense of protecting and serving and continue to more brutally than ever assert themselves as what they always have been above all: the enforcement arm of the ruling elite. As the death of Carol Gotbaum at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport last week shows (and all credible evidence currently points to her death as negligent homicide at best and murder at worst), the Heimatsicherheitsdienst, an organism rapidly devouring and subsuming every local police force in the nation, has anything but our best interests and safety at heart. While I certainly do not expect Mrs. Gotbaum’s death to provoke a public outcry against police brutality from among the somnolent Amoricon masses, most of whom are of the “he/she-deserved-it-and-besides-it’ll-NEVER-happen-to-ME” mindset, I do hope that it will serve as a wake up call to those straddling the fence.

Those who have paid any attention to my rantings of late have probably also noticed a marked absence of references to God, faith, church, or worship. Since relocating out of the D.C. area, I have been unable to find a church to call home, or indeed any “Christian Church” worthy of the name that I would even consider joining. One of the most insidious signs of the success of the current Bush Regime in subverting, perverting, and destroying traditional American institutions in its quest to impose its unique brand of imperialist fascism has been the co-opting of formerly faith-based institutions. While this rot is currently pervasive throughout the nation’s churches in general, nowhere is it more glaringly obvious than in America’s evangelical Protestant congregations. Dear readers, I have yet to set foot inside an evangelical church here in the heart of Southwestern Red State Central that has not resembled a Republican Party convention. While politicizing churches under ANY secular ideology is absolutely odious and perverse beyond words, Amerikan “conservative” fundamentalism, “the Religious Right” in common MSM vernacular, is the most revolting of all. I cannot imagine Christ returning to our world and even recognizing his teachings in any of these so-called congregations. I can only imagine his utter revulsion at the perversion of his message and can also easily imagine a repeat of his driving the moneychangers from the temple act, manifold. Indeed, I’m quite hard pressed to think of the last such church I attended that delivered a message out of any of the Four Gospels (you know, those pesky missives that contain, like, the actual words spoken by Jesus that are the foundations of the Christian faith. Yeah, THOSE. I know it’s not very appetizing). The most popular cherry pickings appear to come from the Old Testament and Revelations, just the books to justify the current evangelical fascination with and addition to gratuitous statist violence. Revelations in particular seems to have acquired new popularity as the current candidate for anti-christ (no, not the Bushtard, but the movement he represents) gains an ever stronger stranglehold on Christian institutions, their congregations having sold out to the State in return for watery spiritual-political pottage. Anyway, all of this is simply an aggevating factor in one of the most severe crises of faith I've suffered in decades, one which I'll consider discussing at greater length later.

On the political front some might point to the ascendancy of the Ron Paul presidential campaign as a sign of brighter times ahead, a fresh hope for the future. Would that this were the case. My own view is that it is extremely naïve of libertarians to believe that Ron has any serious chance of getting past the primaries, let alone becoming the Republican (or third party) presidential nominee or of getting elected to the presidency. Any libertarian worth the name knows damned well that the entire election process in this country is corrupt and rotten beyond salvation and that the moneyed interests dominating the process and enabling the two major parties are not about to let an outsider gain the upper hand. It doesn’t matter if ninety percent of the unwashed masses support him. The gatekeepers of “democracy” are NOT going to let an independent upstart like Ron Paul anywhere near the Oval Office. Even in the unlikely event that the stars align in exactly the right order and Ron not only wins the Republican primary and the nomination, but gets elected to the presidency, he will not remain there long enough to have any impact whatsoever. As I’ve said in other venues, the powers that be undoubtedly already have “wet boys” on retainer to deal with the contingency of a Ron Paul presidency (taking care to make Ron’s demise look like “an accident”, of course, something that the organs of the MSM will regurgitate without question). More likely, however, there will be nothing so crude as the outright murder that PTB usually reserve for lowly, unconnected serfs like me and my readers. Much more likely is that they’ll orchestrate a scandal that will receive the full backing of the MSM and will prompt an absolutely hostile Congress to impeach Ron and remove him from office. Ergo, nothing gained except a renewal and reinforcement of the current sociopolitical rot and the power of those who continue to spread it. This is why I find myself both amused and enraged by libertarian (of both “L” sizes) calls to “get out the vote” for Ron. Silly people, hasn’t it been proved again and again that one cannot change a rotten system from within and that anyone who tries will just be co-opted by it?

Finally there is my utter disgust with society in general, unabated since my last series of epistles and indeed strengthened by my new surroundings. I won’t bore anyone with details except to ask rhetorically what one can say about a state full of acephalic creatures who have sent John McCain and John Kyl back to the Senate for an unforgivable number of terms and whose voters embraced, with enthusiasm, their California socialist neighbors' (whom they claim to despise) ban on smoking in privately-owned public establishments. You get the idea.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I realize that my old gathering of followers, all half dozen or fewer of them, has long since dispersed and lost what little interest they ever may have had in anything I have to say. This is entirely understandable. A moss-covered rock loses its appeal after all of the moss has grown over it and nothing else takes root. Maybe new moths will gravitate toward the fresh light. We shall see.