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Monday, August 28, 2006

Americans (Supposedly) Saying “NO!” to the Draft – But Are They Saying “NO!” to the Bushtard and His War?

According to a recent SurveyUSA Poll, seventy percent of Americans are opposed to a military draft, thinking it unnecessary. While I always take public opinion polls with a pound or two of salt unless I can verify for myself their sampling and polling techniques, this poll’s results appear consistent with commonly expressed public opinion. But the real question that needs to be asked is: If the public does not support the draft, does this also mean that it does not support the neocons’ wars?

I am skeptical of the idea of a “yes” answer to this question. Amerika, after all, is a nation of remora. Amoricons are notorious for adhering to the idea that they can get something cheap and painlessly, or for nothing at all. Therefore it would stand to reason that many, if not most, probably support the idea of waging endless wars of imperial conquest around the globe, but only as long as they themselves don’t have to bear the direct costs, whether financially in the form of increased taxes, or personally in the form of having to fight said wars or sacrifice one of their loved ones to its waging. After all, this is a people that put George W. Bush into the Oval Office for a second term and that prefers to sacrifice all of its liberty for not even a convincing façade of a temporary measure of security. This is a people that can’t identify its own country on a world map, can’t remember the year the WTC was destroyed and the Pentagon damaged by hijacked passenger jets, and pretty much swallows, whole, whatever “news” the mainstream media stuffs down its throat. In short, this is a nation of people incapable of formulating an informed opinion based on rational, critical thought. Not a very good target for a “scientific” opinion poll, n’est-ce pas?

I think I’ll email SurveyUSA and recommend that they ask the follow-up question I recommended at the beginning of this rant. Being an MSM affiliate, however, I’m not holding my breath that they will adopt this recommendation anytime soon. Even if they did, I won’t put any stock in a majority “yes” response to the question until I see evidence of American flag and “Support Our [sic] Troops” stickers disappearing altogether from SUV bumpers.