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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Made It Safely, Getting Moved In

Arrived with the family in Tucson last Monday. Found the new house a pigsty, as I expected (Mrs. Liberranter lost a bet on this). We've spent the last week cleaning the place up and making it habitable, but are so glad to be here that mere words cannot express the sentiment.

The view from this property of Saguaro National Park and the surrounding environs is beyond breathtaking. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet couldn't begin to afford a down payment on the true value of such scenery. I'll upload some shots in the next few days as I get time to load and annotate them.

The HughesNet technician came out Friday morning and installed our broadband satellite dish. That's really our only option for broadband out here in the sticks. So far, the service has been good; a little bit of latency on upload, but nothing serious. The true test will come this week when I get stage one of my home office up and running. The real test is going to be the range of my wireless router, since I wound up having to install the satellite modem and router in the "guest house", where my daughter and grandson will be living, fifty feet from the main house. Since my home office is on the second story at the front of the house, this may be a reach for my three-year-old LinkSys router. I may need to upgrade. Anyway, we'll see how that goes.

Our cars are supposed to arrive by Tuesday and our household goods by week's end. Let's hope and pray that everything gets here in one piece.

Well, this should be the last "update" post I make. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the "liberrant" mode by mid-month and contribute something worth reading again. Bear with me; moving is always an adventure.