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Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm still too busy packing and preparing for the move to write at length, but in light of recent events in the Middle East, I ask just one (obviously rhetorical question):

When, oh when, will the rest of the world declare that they've had enough of "that shitty little country" on the Mediterranean littoral that has caused the world at large, and the U.S. in particular, such unending grief since its founding on May 15, 1948?

An equally important question might be: When will the rest of the world, particularly the "superpowers" such as China and Russia, start holding the United States accountable for its international crimes and actively intervene, militarily if need be, to stop our criminal nonsense?

We are, through omission or commission, responsible for heinous crimes against humanity, in the Middle East, at home, and around the world. It is past time we were held accountable. That will happen, dear readers; it's only a matter of "when." May God help us, even though we've done nothing to earn his mercy and everything to incur his wrath.