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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Done Deal on the New House

Pardon the belated post, but I've spent the last 48 hours recovering from the weekend trip out to Tucson and back to close on the new house. Other than the hectic pace of the trip (and the adventures of dealing with a fussy toddler on his first plane flight), everything went smooth as silk. Although we were a half hour late getting out of Washington/Dulles last Friday morning due to the heavy rains (still ongoing), and thus 30 minutes late landing in Phoenix, we were otherwise on schedule. Mrs. Liberranter insisted on driving our rented Ford Explorer (made available at no extra charge from Enterprise due to the fact that no mid-sized sedans were available, as I had reserved) the one hundred miles down the road to Tucson, a trip that saw grandtoddler fussing and screaming like a newborn all the way from a combination of exhaustion and excitement. Still, we made it to the title company's office in 75 minutes, slower than our time on the previous trip last month (55 minutes from Skyharbor Airport in Phoenix to Tucson's Oro Valley suburb), but an awesome feat as far as our buyer's agent was concerned.

At any rate, the actual closing itself took all of 25 minutes, tops. I was surprised that the sellers weren't present, they having signed their paperwork earlier in the morning. I would really have liked to have chatted with them about the property, but I don't think they are in a very gracious mood right about now, having kicked back to us, after all is said and done, about 14K in cost rebates thanks in no small measure to the negligience of their sales agent. I'm really surprised that they didn't fire this guy a long time ago, given the issues that came up on their end that, had he been conscientious at all about them and concerned for his clients' welfare, would have ensured that he had prompted full disclosure concerning certain defects and issues and made them resolve them before listing the property. My take on the guy (I've never met him, only seen his picture and heard excerpts of his statements through our buyer's agent) is that he is a first-class sleazebag, but I guess we've been very lucky with real estate agents on our end. At any rate, I know now to be very careful about agents in the Tucson area if I ever decide to sell this place (not likely).

My other concern is the cleanliness and condition of the property. At the sellers' request we're renting back to them till this Friday. Having inspected the property at settlement, we found the house mostly devoid of clutter, but not entirely so. The walls will definitely need painting, something sure to tax our already battered wallets even further. For the life of me, I don't understand why, in any market, sellers don't paint and clean before putting property up for sale. Maybe it's just me, but both the wife and I find that this is just common "sales sense." Having been on both ends of the real estate market on more than one occasion, I can say definitively that nothing "turns off" a potential buyer faster than dirt and grime, no matter how attractive the property otherwise. I guarantee you that our current house here in VA will be spotless for the new owners and ready to move into. But that's just us. Anyway, we have a feeling that the previous owners are not going to clean up the place before moving out, meaning that much more work for us in preparation for the final move-in.

The trip home Sunday was an ordeal due to the bad weather affecting the Eastern Seaboard for the last five days. Just 40 minutes and 130 miles out from Washington/Dulles the captain informed the passengers that all three of the D.C.-area airports were shut down due to severe thunderstorms and that we were diverting up to Pittsburgh to wait it out. While just an annoyance for me, Mrs. Liberranter, and our daughter, our concern grandtoddler. While he enjoyed the flight in general, his little atttention span and waking stamina was going to be tested, so we stood by for another storm of fussing and crying. Fortunately, he was more resilient than we gave him credit for and even though the diversion to Pittsburgh turned into a four-hour wait, he was sound asleep by the time of the 2:00AM Monday morning takeoff and vaguely conscientious enough for us to get him home and in bed by 3:00AM. All in all, though, a good trip for the little guy. The Saguaro cacti on the new property (all three of them, actually, and big suckers at that) fascinated him, as well as his own playground set (swings and a slide) and the one-and-a-quarter-acre yard that will be his playground. He can't wait for the move.

Neither can his grandfather. I'm waiting on the new contract that we're supposed to have a good shot at winning in the Tucson area, but probably won't hear anything about until after the July 4th weekend. Once a decision is made yea or nay, we'll decide whether it will be I or Mrs. Liberranter who heads back out west to get the house in order. If the contract is a win, I may have to be out there by the 15th, which will make for some very interesting logistical issues. We'll see.

More to follow.....