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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Latest in Neocon Rubbish (With Responses, Courtesy of My Guest)

A very dear but misguided friend and colleague of mine, long under the spell of the neocon-pseudo-right, forwarded an email this morning containing the latest gibberish-laden ravings of Ann Coulter, the neocons’ own defective clone of the socialist-left’s Maureen Dowd. While I am loathe to give this rabid, demented creature any attention whatsoever, lest any of my readers think she merits it, I’d like to post some acerbic responses to her latest batch of nonsense, offered by another dear friend of mine whom I’ll call “Marlowe.” Marlowe suffers fools of all flavors even less gladly than I do and has a unique knack for taking acid-laden responses to moronic ravings right off the tip of my own tongue (or fingers, as the case may be). Since this is the week before I depart on a much-deserved two-week vacation and am not in the mood to write anything profound (or even anything particularly focused or adult in tone, as yesterday’s post shows), I thought I would let Marlowe respond (his comments in italics) to Annie’s verbal vomitus for me (my own scattered comments bolded and bracketed). Here is the original article, for those with strength of stomach and idol time on their hands.

Democrats pushed the federal gas tax? Hmm....the gas tax was raised 14.4 cents, spread across three separate bills: 1982, 1990 and 1993. Hmm...I seem to recall two Republican presidents who would have signed those bills. Not to mention that the Republican congress has done nothing to reduce the [federal] gas tax in the last twelve years in spite of having majority control for all of it.

Democrats pushed the state [gas] taxes? that would mean that states like Florida and Nevada should have some of the lowest gas taxes around. Hmm...bullshit! Nevada and Florida [both with Republican governors and Republican-dominated state legislatures] are both in the top ten. Most importantly, who [other than the residents of a given state] gives a flying goat f*** , [or has any right or reason to be concerned] what tax a state levies against their residents? Under the Constitution, as if Ann has ever read it, that is a state's god-given right [alterable only by the voters and legislators of said state, something called "states' rights" that the neocons' official party used to hold as sacrosanct before they came to power and could exercise unchecked power to destroy it].

“Free market?” Excuse me while I wipe the urine stains from my trousers. She is going to mention “free market” while her
[beloved] administration is investigating oil companies for “price gouging?” This is too f***ing funny. Only a neocon and a socialist would try to put “free market” and “price gouging” in the same sentence [while trying to imply that the former is somehow affected by the latter. While I always thought that Annie was probably a Keynesian socialist, as are all neocons whenever they try to bumble their way through a discussion of economics, I never imagined she was primordially ignorant of even the fundamentals of markets].

Bottom line is that the current ‘conservative” [yeah, right!] movement in America is a farce [and an insulting, transparent sham], at best. Despite claims of smaller government, less taxation and states rights, this administration, like all the “conservative” administrations since Lincoln has raped the American people in a manner similar to a virgin in a Saxon raid. At least the Democrats have the decency to be upfront with their lies and Constitutional violations [Liberranter’s Note: Emphasis mine, and the reason, lest anyone wonder, why I’m always much nastier toward and harder on Republicans than Democrats. At least the Dems don’t insult my intelligence with transparent hypocrisy].

Thanks, Marlowe. Your acid blasts are an all-too-rare treat.