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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some More Random Thoughts

  • How do you treat the wait staff? This article posted on today’s LRC definitely bears repeating and reposting. I’d also like to add that in few other cultures than ours is waiting tables considered a dirty and demeaning job, and I, for one, have never regarded it as such. I’ll never forget all my years of living in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, where waiting tables is considered an honorable profession, one often passed down from father to sons over many generations. One could tell when dining in Italian Trattorias, Greek Tavernas, or Turkish Locantas that the waiters were masters at their craft who made a physically and often mentally demanding skill look effortless. My hat is still doffed to them. To paraphrase the author of the article, there but for the grace of God go you. In fact, you may yet “go there”, for all any of us knows (can you spell o-u-t-s-o-u-r-c-i-n-g?).

  • In the midst of all of the hoopla over the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, one observation has gone unmade, at least as far as I am aware. That observation is, can you imagine the same tragedy happening today and the city being rebuilt without that city’s “leadership” [sic] and inhabitants crawling, groveling and squalling to Uncle Sam for a handout? Neither can I. It is amazing that within 18 months after this great tragedy, San Francisco was completely rebuilt, with almost no signs of the devastation remaining. How did they do it?

    The better question to ask is why did they do it, and the reason is “business.” The city fathers at the time realized that to allow San Francisco to remain a charred ruin would discourage the commerce that was the city’s lifeblood. The city’s reputation as a natural hazard was already well-known at the time, due to the common knowledge of its location along the San Andreas Fault. They therefore realized that in order to survive economically, they had to rebuild, and rebuild a better, stronger city, or go under. While the federal government did allocate one million dollars to relief and rebuilding (the equivalent of almost one billion of today’s inflated dollars), the bulk of the rebuilding came actually from the pockets and labors of the city’s own residents, particularly those men whom today’s socialist do-gooders would look down upon as “robber barons.” But these “robber barons” had a personal stake in seeing the city rebuilt, for without a rebuilt city, they would face absolute financial ruin. Therefore, the opened up their wallets and “made it happen.” Do you think there might be some lessons here for the post-Katrina New Orleans and Gulf Coast of today?
  • I actually heard something on D.C. radio this morning about suburban Montgomery County, Maryland convening a “town hall”-style meeting to discuss the impending “avian flu” crisis and how it might shut down the county’s government. Seriously, folks; I’m not making this up! I swear if I hear one more piece of government propaganda about this non-event (do any of you A.D.D.-inflicted Amorikons remember “SARS” from a couple of years back?), I’m going to go ballistic. Bottom line, people: There has been no, zero, zilch, nada indication that this strain of influenza is in any imminent danger of spreading as a pandemic through humans. My advice to anyone worried about this is to get a life and focus on solving problems that are within your grasp. Panicking at the first note of government propaganda, obviously being spread to deflect attention from the misery and anarcho-tyranny that the State has purposely inflicted upon you is exactly the kind of simi-moronic behavior that they want from you. Unless your goal is to demonstrate that you are too stupid to filter information for yourself and that you want the State to baby-sit you, ignore this BS.
  • What do you say to a late twenty-something adult who still believes (and behaves as if) life is a free ride, and that if you don’t want to pay your bills and meet your obligations, then you just don't have to? Better yet, what do you do to someone like that to disabuse them of the idea once and for good? I’m wide open to suggestions. [Editor's Note: This last random thought (or rather, the incident that prompted it) was based on a mistaken assumption of guilt on the part of the party described. It turns out that the incident in question was not her fault, but rather the fault of a service vendor who neglected to credit her payment. My apologies to this young lady - for now.]