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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It’s Really Very Simple: Bush and the Neocons Want Endless War

The punditry of the “What the hell is the matter with Bush and the Neoconservatives?” school has made something of a career out of misreading and misunderstanding George W. Bush and the neoconservative movement of which he serves as figurehead. Like so many other contemporary paleo-conservative and libertarian columnists, Paul Craig Roberts repeats an error of logical assumption in his latest column. He assumes that the sheer madness behind what passes for Bush and company’s Middle East foreign policy is merely blind folly on the part of the Administration. I believe he is wrong; the Bush Administration and its neocon puppeteers are deliberately wreaking havoc on the world’s most volatile region in order to hasten the implementation of their ideological agenda.

My reasoning? Simple: What better way to guarantee the expansion of executive power, the empowerment of one’s cronies (and lifeblood) in the industrial and “defense” sectors, and the appeasement of one’s evangelical backers than by fomenting conditions for endless war that will eventually lead to complete executive dictatorship, followed ultimately by the Armageddon that is the insane evangelical movement’s ultimate fantasy? Despite various opinion polls (of what origin, one is tempted to ask) allegedly asserting that nearly seventy percent of the American public now distrusts Bush and opposes his global wars of empire, that seventy percent is about as likely to actively oppose Bush as Congress is to impeach him and remove him from office. In other words, the American public is the cowed, frightened, disunited and spineless entity that the machinery of State needs it to be in order to maintain and expand power. The system, in other words, isn’t about to collapse anytime soon and the powers-that-be know this, enabling them to wage war and violate the Constitution with complete impunity.

Roberts fails on two levels to understand his subject. First of all, like every other pundit, he fails to appreciate just how cunning and carefully calculating the neoconservative puppeteers behind the Bush regime really are. Second, and related to the first, he also makes the fatal assumption that Bush, or indeed any other individual occupying the Oval Office, has the ability to wield any actual power, forgetting that all modern Presidents (at least those throughout the twentieth century onward) are nothing more than figureheads for the shadow government of moneyed and politically powerful special interests that put presidents into office. Can Roberts really assert with a straight face and clear conscience that a creature as obtuse as Bush would ever be allowed to wield any actual power of state?

Roberts approaches his understanding of the regime’s actions from the standpoint of a rational, logically thinking individual who assumes that in the final analysis that amorphous entity called “government” really does, at its core, have the best interests of the nation at heart. He asks at one point “[i]f terrorism is the threat to America that Bush says, why is Bush working so hard to enlarge the power and influence of terrorists and of Islamic politicians hostile to US hegemony in the Middle East?” The simple answer is, because doing so means creating conditions conducive to expanding the State's power, allowing the State to demand ever more latitude to fight “terrorism” at the expense of the people’s civil liberties, a demand that the ever-cowed, ever-frightened, never-thinking American body public will gladly hand over to him, no questions asked.

The obvious fact is that concern for America, its people, and the freedoms upon which it is founded are very clearly the farthest things from the minds, souls, or concern of the ruling cabal. The only interest this parasitic entity has is its own aggrandizement, something that it will see to fruition at any cost, and for which the people and government of the United States serve no other purpose than being tools for this goal. It’s really that simple and has long been painfully obvious to those of us not deep in denial. As far as the MICC-controlled neoconservative regime is concerned, if the path to wealth, power, and total control is the waging of endless and ultimately destructive war with the rest of the world, then so be it. In the end, those who matter, that one-one hundredth of one percent who control ninety-nine point nine-nine percent of the world’s wealth, will not only survive, but will grow wealthier and more powerful than ever, and it will be at the expense of the civilization that nurtured them.

Oh, and there isn’t a damned thing Paul Craig Roberts or the rest of us can or will do about it.

My advice to all of you paleo-libertarian pundits out there is to stop analyzing the current regime from the standpoint of a rational human being who assumes that his subject is mad. It cannot and will not work. While the neoconservatives at the controls of state are definitely the epitome of evil, they are not insane. They are perfectly aware of what they are doing and the consequences it will bring, and that’s the most horrifying aspect of the situation.

Meanwhile, start buying gold while it’s still on the market, and if you have any children (male or female) approaching draft age, plan on having them go into hiding soon. Better yet, hope and pray that Burt Rutan can finalize his space travel program in time for you to relocate to a distant planet. Heaven knows that ours isn’t long for existence as long as American neoconservatives are in power.