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Friday, January 27, 2006

Broadband Service Restored, Thank God!

My daughter had finally decided today that she had had enough of the broadband outage at home and gave Cox Communications a call demanding to know what was being done to restore service. When they failed to answer this question to her satisfaction (just as I knew they wouldn't), she called the County Public Utilities Commission and issued a loud and angry verbal and written complaint.

Well, it didn't take even an hour for the County to light a fire under Cox to get things moving and by the time my daughter and I returned home from work this evening, service was fully restored. How sad that it took an act of government to get these people to do their jobs. Hopefully we won't have suffer through this experience again. I still hope and pray for Verizon to muscle in on Cox's territory, along with any other service available in a competitive market.

But anyway, it just feels great to be back on line at home again.