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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Solution is Very Simple: Arm EVERYONE

(LIBERRANTER’S NOTE: Yes, I’m back - sort of. To what few, if any, regular readers I have, I apologize for my nearly 12-week silence. Things have been extraordinarily busy here since September, with grueling work schedules and the process of FINALLY selling our house in Virginia, as well as my spending many hours studying for a professional certification exam for which I’m sitting in December. I’ll try to write as frequently as possible, but can’t guarantee that I’ll be a frequent contributor again until after the first of the year. Thanks in advance for bearing with me.)

This breaking news item caught my attention this morning, mostly because of what I know will be the inevitable fallout from it. Two teenagers got into a scrap at Annapolis, Maryland’s Westfield Mall, resulting in one opening fire with a gun, drawing an off-duty U.S. Secret Service agent into the battle, resulting in both his and teenage shooter’s injury. Fortunately, no deaths or other serious injuries were reported.

The inevitable response to this event will be vociferous demands from elements of the Left, who seem pathologically incapable of even noticing, let alone learning from, the unintended negative consequences of the policies they endorse, for a complete ban on guns.

This author has a better idea: rather than ban guns altogether, encourage EVERYONE to carry a loaded weapon in public, concealed or otherwise. Common sense tells us that there is no better way to test Thomas Jefferson’s maxim that “an armed society is a polite society” than by ensuring that a sufficient percentage of the population is armed for defensive purposes. Even the densest “gangbanger” will think twice or thrice before drawing on a crowd of people in which there odds are that 90 percent of them are armed and trained in the use of their weapons. The little teenage thug at the mall would no doubt have been far less eager to draw and fire had he been surrounded by men, women, and adolescents with side arms.

Leaving aside the benefits of deterring government employees from abusing their positions of authority, an armed citizenry would prevent the deaths of many innocents and alleviate the need of “law enforcement” (such as it is) to constantly have to defend itself against accusations (usually valid) of unacceptable response time or inaction. Police agencies would become mostly investigative organizations, as an armed citizenry would remove the need for armed police officers to respond to every violent crime; the armed citizen would have removed the threat well before the investigating officer(s) arrived at the scene.

Of course the State isn’t about to sanction armed citizens on a national scale, a concept that was simple common sense to our forebears in this nation’s first century and a half of existence. While the State will cloak its objections in patronizing, self-serving rhetoric claiming that free access to arms will lead to more incidents such as that in the above-referenced article (despite multiple independent studies over the last two decades indicating that exactly the opposite is true), the State’s real fear, and a well-justified one at that, is that an armed citizenry will zealously defend its rights and property against encroachment by the cornucopia of extra-legal law [sic] enforcement agencies that are the State’s arm of oppression. Better to have the plebian masses suffer violence at the hands of rogue elements of society than to sanction a threat to the Establishment’s power.

But there is hope. As violence, spawned by the State’s destructive meddling in the socioeconomic affairs of the citizenry, continues to escalate, more and more Americans are going wake up, re-read the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and come to realize that a right guaranteed protection by the State requires no “permit” or “training.” Guns will proliferate among law abiding citizens, that majority element that the State hates with more of a passion than it does any violent street criminal. If nothing else, last year’s SCOTUS decision in the case Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, in which the high court affirmed precedent declaring law enforcement absolved of any responsibility to defend citizens against violent crime, has sent us a loud message that we are responsible for our own self-defense and that if the State will not assist us in this regard, they need to stand aside. Let us hope that Americans are smart enough to realize this.

Meanwhile, beware teenage gangbangers in public, as well as off-duty fedcops with itchy trigger fingers and poor aim.


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