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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Follow-Up to My August 27th Post: Lew Rockwell Agrees With Me

My post on the 27th of last month takes the Arizona LP to task for being a superficial shell of libertarianism, ultimately indistinguishable from the Demopublican party. Lew Rockwell echoes this sentiment in an article published in today's LRC, although he focuses primarily on the Libertarian National Committee and its recent gutting of the traditional libertarian platform that served as the party's moral pillars. It is hardly necessary for Lew to have done so for the benefit of "small 'l'" libertarians, but he has probably done an invaluable service to fence straddlers who are debating the merits of abandoning their support of the Demopublicans.

Alas, the "service" Lew is performing is the sad task of informing would-be freedom lovers that the Libertarian (Big "L") party at the national level is no longer the answer to America's political degeneracy, said party having been infiltrated by what many of us can only consider a deliberate infection of Demopublican viruses in a not-so-subtle attempt to destroy the party's moral underpinnings. As I mentioned in last week's rant, the LP, once a "non-party party", is now obsessed with performing a fool's errand; to wit, playing the establishment's game in order to win votes and gain power in office, even at the expense of its moral compass. Small wonder it's continuing its voyage to nowhere, and fast.

It goes without saying that if America wanted more "mainstream" political parties, at least two dozen others would be fiercely competing with the Demopublicans for a hold on the Amoricon masses' loyalty and elections would be narrowly won, perhaps even bordering on violent and with participation being at nearly one hundred percent of the eligible voting base. As it now stands there is every indication that the Demopublicans are going to be lucky to draw even thirty-five percent of eligible voters to the mid-term elections, a heartening sign that perhaps the "moron" component of the term "Amoricon" is smaller than we all thought and that Joe and Jane Sixpack are finally letting the establishment know that they've had enough of the games. For the LP to play along with the Demopublicans' desperate and failed strategies, based on a transparent absence of principle or morals, hardly serves the cause of freedom. Better, as any dedicated libertarian knows, to stay home and watch the whole sickening fraud than to play a willing part in it. Too bad that the "freedom-loving libertarians" in charge of the LP, who should know better than to place faith in politicians or political office, don't realize that. The saddest part is that they'll mislead a great many people into misplacing hope and trust in an institution that has repeatedly failed them and will continue to do so again and again. That is the most unforgiveable part of the whole moral abdication aspect of the LP compromise.

So to Lew I extend a heartfelt "thank you" for seconding my bleak assessment of the status quo. To the "leadership" of the current LP, I say "shame on you. You should all know better."


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