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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Moving, At Last!

Well, this is it. The move is under way. The Liberranter family has packed and dispatched all of the household goods (last week), shipped all three of the family cars (today), and is residing as I write this in an extended stay hotel for the weekend before our Monday morning flight to Tucson, via Phoenix. It’s been an arduous journey. If you had told me six months ago that I would be doing what I’ve been doing over the last two months, that I would be making the move west right now, this year, I would have labeled you insane. But, it’s happening, and I’m sure God’s hand is in it all, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

First, let me give full credit to Mrs. Liberranter for handling the logistics of the move while yours truly was keeping it all together to bring home the bacon and make arrangements for his continued employment out West, at least for the near term. Without the Good Woman’s dedication, none of this would have gotten as far as it has. She is truly a magician, as she proved five years ago during our short-hop move from Maryland to Northern Virginia. The good news is that we don’t plan to move again if we can help it, so she can retire from this arduous, thankless, stressful position. Kudos, Sweetie! You’ve earned your reward in heaven, if not here on earth.

I can only hazard a guess at what the future offers us in our new home. It’s as if God has said “OK, you wanted move to Tucson, I’m granting you your wish. Now I have some things I want you to do in order to repay me.” My problem is not knowing at the moment what those things are, but I suppose that’s part of the journey. We’ll see, continuing to pray for guidance.

So, dear readers, it will probably be another couple of weeks before you hear from me again. I thank you for your patience these last couple of months as I’ve neglected this blog in favor of preparing for the move. Once I get settled I guarantee you I’ll be contributing more regularly. However, I have to wait until the end of next week for broadband satellite service to be installed (yes, that’s my only option in our rural neck of the woods). So stand by: I promise to “reward” (or punish) you for your patience and understanding.

I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks!



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