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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Only a Bad Drug if the State Doesn't Prescribe It

Matt Barganier makes some excellent points on's blog today. In discussing a recent critique by blogger Radley Balko on the militarization of law enforcement as part of the War Against the Bill of Rights (misnamed "The War on Drugs"), he points to a comment made by a citizen whose daughter was shot and killed by a trigger-happy thugscum fedcop staging a drug raid at the wrong address as representative of that of a large number of Amoricons, and that said opinion helps explain the immortal support for the Iraq debacle among some quarters of the sheeplery. The man in question's sentiments boil down to the idea that we shouldn't have psychotic, trigger-happy thugscum carrying law enforcement badges; rather, they should be wearing an army or marine uniform and be dispatched to foreign countries to kill people who look and talk differently than we do and whom we don't like (i.e., basically ALL foreigners). Barganier goes on to further point out that the State is by no means averse to this idea, citing such luminaries as Timothy McVeigh and John Allen Muhammed, both army combat veterans. He tops it off by citing the fact that Eric Harris, one of the young teenagers of Columbine High School fame, had fantasized about joining the Marines and going off to foreign lands to kill everyone in sight. He almost succeeded, but for one major screw-up: he lied to the gyrines about being on anti-depression medication and was therefore rejected for service.

Note that the State didn't reject him on grounds that he was a psychotic misfit with a sociopathically violent streak in him; he was rejected on the grounds that he lied to the State. That's right. The State that lies as a matter of course to its citizens and that doesn't give a rodent's rectal oriface about whether or not its citizens lie to each other, but woe be unto the lowly citizen that withholds the truth from Big Brother.

No, the only problem the State had with little Eric was that he was taking medication that the State did not administer. Had little Eric joined the gyrine corps as a manic depressive NOT on medication, it would have been happy to mould him into the perfect little savage to let loose against the little brown peoples of the world for as long as he cared to be a menace to them, then send him back home to savage the sheeple of the United States (a la Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo, and other vets with "issues" whom the military just didn't feel like bothering with anymore), whom the powers-that-be care just as little about.

So the lesson, boys and girls, is that if you are a psychotic misfit looking for an acceptable outlet for your antisocial behavior, rest assured that the police academies and the armed services are waiting for you with open arms - as long as you are in your "natural state of mind." Let them worry about the medication.

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