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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cannon Fodder for the Empire, Part Deux

Obviously the legions are still having an impossible time recruiting. Even brain-dead latchkey Generation-Y Americans, minds deadened by video games and saturated with violence, have no stomach for getting themselves killed in a war that repels even their mushy young proto-sensibilities.

This article makes it clear that Uncle Thug will do anything, seek anywhere, abandon any standards whatsoever in the effort to keep the MICC's war going full speed with fresh cannon fodder. Don't be surprised if huckster thugscum wearing the uniform of the United States Army show up on your father's or grandfather's (or your mother's or grandmother's, for that matter) doorstep, spewing their pathetic attempts to appeal to his "patriotism."

Amusing, yet sickening at the same time.


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