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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Just got back from a trip to the local VA hospital after spending a little time with some wounded vets. Met a young guy, a PFC, who lost a foot in Iraq a couple of months ago. I have to admit that I was buoyed by his positive attitude, particularly the fact that he constantly thanked God that he escaped only with a missing foot and that it could have been worse – very much worse. I’m going to stay in touch with this young man over the next few weeks, even as I’m preparing to move, to give him support as he prepares for his discharge from both the hospital and the Army.

I’m telling you, dear readers, that there is no greater show of respect you can make for the dead of previous wars than to do one or both of two things: (1) actively campaign against the United States government’s unconstitutional, immoral, imperial misadventures currently being waged around the globe; and (2) visit the wounded vets, of all wars, in the hellhole VA hospitals in which we’re content to make them languish. It absolutely enrages me to hear both members of the public and their sleazebag political representatives spew faux homilies to “our troops” only to treat them like contaminated garbage once they have the effrontery to get wounded or maimed in combat.

Folks, I was astounded to find that my wife and I were the only visitors to this VA hospital on this Memorial Day. For all of the babbling about preserving the memory of our fallen warriors and honoring those still remaining among us, the actions, or lack thereof, to back up these sentiments speaks volumes and volumes. And remember: I’m a veteran who is resolutely against our continued evolution into a military state and disapproves of almost all of the wars this country has fought over most of its history. If a “terrorist-hugging commie, pinko, French-loving America-hater” (as the neocons would call me) like me can take some time out of his busy schedule to show some respect to our living warriors scarred by battle, what excuse does Bush-loving, flag-waving, slogan-spewing, freedom-hating America, whose “heroes” these men and women allegedly are, have for not doing so?

I didn't think so. Happy Memorial Day, and may we as a nation come to our senses over the next year so as not to have to observe many more.


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